Zmodo 4-Channel DVR Surveillance System with 4 Weatherproof IR Cameras

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Zmodo 4-Channel DVR Surveillance System with 4 Weatherproof IR Cameras
$109.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Can this be run off of, e.g. a car battery instead of the included 12V adaptor? It might make a good security solution for people who lose power (or whose attackers can cut their power).

If you know your electronics, you could have a trickle charger keeping a car battery going and buy or devise a 12V adapter for the car battery to the system. It’d be a poor man’s battery backup system.

But you wouldn’t want to run the battery straight into the DVR system. The voltage would be unreliable.

I don’t get it… why are these systems so popular. Guess it’s because I live in rural flyover country? Cannot see wanting this.

Does anyone know how the iOS application to view the cameras remotely works? Is it a good app at all?

At first glance I thought woot was selling a metal octopus.

Lots of people live in areas where they might want a little extra security in knowing what goes in near or on the property at night. Not to mention all the businesses that could use these for security purposes.

I might be picking one up because I live on a corner lot leading into a subdivision and get a lot of foot traffic. So far no major problems (crossed fingers) but I’d love to have been able to post up pictures of the kid that egged the house last year.

Bought one of these a while back.

NIGHT VISION IS TERRIBLE OUTSIDE. Not to bad inside, up to 20 feet.

If you are looking for something cheep to watch your kids or small business indoors - why not. But outdoor use is pointless unless it is a well lit area.

UFO’s are everywhere man!!!

You can use a UPS. Then you don’t have to worry about how to cut over from mains to battery when power goes out.

Might be able to install in IR floodlight or something to supplement.

I was about to order one then saw this:

DVR-H8114UV DVR (HD is not included)

No Hard drive? Is that correct?

isnt a 500gb standard in these systems? How the hell do you record.

Someone was stealing massive cuttings from my rose bushes in front of my house - maybe this would help me nab the culprit! Maybe they are the same people who were stealing my Sunday newspaper, too?

No hard drive, so wil not record without adding one.

thats not a minor detail missing of this get-up.

Get the 16 channel one here:

There aren’t to many on the market, and most have bad ratings. Plus they cost a lot!

They probably removed it to bring the price down. If there’s no hard drive it works just fine as a live monitoring system, but it won’t record without one. Fortunately, even with the shortages in hard drives right now, a good 500 gig drive should be negligible in price.

Need to look into a few things like:

  1. DVR accepts audio input although I don’t see that the cameras have the ability to carry audio.

  2. What type of network access does the DVR provide? If these end up being IP cameras that can be viewed on the internet, then it’s a great deal - but I doubt if that’ll be the case.

  3. How good is the configuration software and is it required? Can the DVR interface be used to configure the system? What is the quality of the software and interface(s)? Do they work properly or, like so many system, have too many flaws?

More research is required to determine if this system is really great or just another in a line of so-so security systems. The future of security system will be cloud-based so that no matter what happens to the physical system (up to a point), the data is safely stored and retrievable. The system offered here will go the way of the Dodo bird very soon but can still provide a level of security.