Zmodo 4-Channel DVR Surveillance System with 4 Weatherproof IR Cameras

No HD included, but how cheap is a 1TB anyways. I just bought a 4 channel DVR for 125, this is less and comes with 4 cameras. Yeah they are not the best but they are still good, great in daylight and for night time I would put in a motion sensor light in that area.

Each camera includes a 60-foot cable - so does that mean all 4 cameras have to be within 60 feet of the DVR to hook up to it? If I want one camera on the outside of the house, and I have power out there, I still need to run the BNC cable through a window or something to hook up to the DVR?

Probably a dumb question, but I’m interested in this because the DVR is linux based, can be put on the network and has an iOS client. I live in the middle of nowhere, but I’d love to know if the animals circling the house at night are just deer or bears. :slight_smile:

It seems like you would need a VGA compatible monitor for playback… (or at least during setup) And a hard drive if you wanted to store the video. Otherwise you are going to be moving a lot a data over the network constantly to a remote computer somewhere…

For $115 shipped, I think it’s safe to say that what you’re getting with this system is “Cameras displaying on a screen.” and not much more. I saw something about the software they use being something called “Netviewer”, which looks like it may just be a VNC-alike that relays you what’s on the video output for the DVR. So basically, you remote in and see video on a VNC-type display. Not what I was hoping for, but fairly reasonable for the price.

Product website:

for what it’s worth, model # is listed as PKD, not PDK. Too late to correct in the front page?

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amazon has it listed at 300. hard drive and small monitor next to my computer are…negligable. i can probably use my old external if i wanted to…great deal, i’m in for 1.

Guess I missed the hard drive shortage issue. Hard drives have been so cheap that I ignored the fact that this system is sans a hard drive. Read that in March, though, the supply of HDs should return to normal, but then again, we are also fighting the inflation which will be/is rearing its ugly head. Can you still buy a GB hard drive these days (all I consider buying is TB now)?


Product manaul:


Mobile phone (Symbian, Windows Mobile) monitor option with DVR:

I have this. Got it from woot a few months ago. I put a 1.5 TB disk in it.

I can access it using a web browser. Firefox does not work, requires IE.

I can also access it using my ViewSonic tablet I got from woot. I use an app called “IP Cam Viewer Basic” by Robert Chou. You must configure each camera, so if you get the 16 channel model (see previous post) it could take awhile!

I’m tempted to put one outside my house just to see what would happen. WHAT WOULD I SEE? Most likely nothing, but WHAT IF I did see something? That would freak me the hell out! Do I want to know about murderous ghosts and supervillains lurking out there in my yard when I’m not watching, or do I want to live my life in bliss not knowing?

They are not outside! They are in your house!!

Good lord! The Engrish borders on incomprehensibility.

anyone else hoping Woot! sells the kindle flame?

I live in a rural area. I have one of these units that sold a few months back that came with a HD. (I was wondering why this unit was so much cheaper!) One (interior mounted) camera watches the back door and the family room basically to keep an eye on the kids. The other three cameras are mounted on the exterior and monitor our gate to see if I remembered to shut it, our AC unit (crack heads are in the country too), and the path to my shop in the back. It’s true the IR is weak outside but we have a motion activated floodlight so if anyone walks up - they’ll be BUSTED! I am pleased with the purchase and would do it again. WELL worth the money!

So does this mean the cameras that are mounted on the outside, plus the one you mounted on the inside, are all wired within 60 feet of the DVR? How did you feed the camera cables from the outside of the home into the home? 60 foot cables are long, but if one is trying to keep the cables out of sight, it might be hard to wire up 4 cameras to surround a house, even a small one.

My favorite: “Caution: In some area, the power supply is irregularity, it will cause the DVR-4108 working not normal-operation, the DVR-4108 will be damaged in serious. In this surroundings, suggest select the stabilized voltage supply.”

Also - the admin password is 666666. :slight_smile:

I wonder if you can do some linux hackery to this to do things like auto backup cron jobs, NAS, dropbox, etc. They give you an “admin” name in the previously posted manual, which isn’t root but might take you somewhere.

I grabbed one for my brother’s place sine he’s had quite a bit of theft recently. I have tons of old harddrives laying around so that’s a non-issue.

My current setup is 8 cameras piped into a cheaper ebay purchased card in an old Win XP machine I had laying around. KVM switch to tie everything together and I’m solid.

Now I can reenact my own Paranormal Activity scenario! Huzzah!