Zmodo 4CH/4Cam 1080p sPoE NVR Security System

Zmodo 4CH/4Cam 1080p sPoE NVR Security System
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Check out the product page for the 1TB model

Anyone know how far you can run the network cable before you get power loss or degrade/lose image?

Does this take regular CAT5E or special network cable?

If making your own cable pieces do you have to wire it a proprietary way? I usually wire all my net cable “A” way (wg,g,wo,b,wb,o,wb,b) would that scheme work for the cameras?

Reviews over at The Home Depot

[MOD: Wrong model. That’s 720p. We’re selling the 1080p version.]

100 meters or 328 Feet.

That is the standard for CAT5 wiring with or without POE.

As long as you use the same wiring scheme either T568A or B you’re fine.

Review over at Newegg

Anyone know if the FoV is narrow enough to read car license plates at 40ish feet? I need a system that can protect my on-street parked cars from hit and run drunk drivers.

Is upgrading to a different camera an option?

Is it possible to buy additional cameras to add to this system? If so, I’m sold!!

Looks like it only has 4 video ports unfortunately.

You can always replace the cameras as long as they use the same hookups.
I did that with my simple analog Qsee and it did improve the video quality by being a wider field of view and slightly sharper but being non HD low tier analog I still couldn’t really read license plates in the driveway, though people and faces in general are way easier to make out.
I finally went with a hybrid anaolgHD/digital setup that can take just about any 8 cameras made and use it to the best resolution it can provide. Now the 2 900tvl cameras are much clearer and you can JUST make out a plate if your lucky. The original 700 TVL cameras also work fine and have longer range narrow view that works well for trying to see farther away but will never be able to do full HD though they do seem to record at 960p resolution now. I plan to get some true HD cameras eventually but if I’d gotten a setup like this to begin with I might have been happier with the video quality.
If you have the money and want true HD quality this is a good start for everything most users will need.

I too wonder… any sound recording possible on these or is it just video?

How’s the zoom in. Most cameras have a problem truly identifying people for the police. Anyone know about these? How far away in complete dark, or daylight to truly make out people.

OOPS, I purchased this and than read that XP/WIN7 is the required operating system. I have win8…any thoughts.