Zmodo 4CH/4Cam 720p Camera sPoE NVR Security System

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Zmodo 4CH/4Cam 720p Camera sPoE NVR Security System
Price: $149.99
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I bought this set here on Woot before for the same price. It works well.
The wires are different lengths and I found they fit my four locations without making new ones.

The only issue I had was enabling enough of activex to get internet explorer to see them. I’ve used a couple of Android apps too, but they are not as smooth because they poll stills instead of streaming.

If you don’t get another “quality post” for this ya’ got robbed.
Thank you for the review!!

Bought this on Woot 4 months ago (the version with the HDD), already 2 cameras have gone bad, and the motion event alerts on my phone no longer work. Zmodo covered the first camera under warranty and I’m in the process of returning the other one, their customer service is great, I just wish the product was more reliable. Also, it claims it has email alerts, but they are no longer supported. Setup was easy (other than running wires) and the interface is easy to use, I would still recommend it.

I bought the 8 channel version from Amazon a while back (it didn’t include a hard drive, but was easy enough to add). The ZViewer app was decent enough for iOS and Android (wife and kids). I could never find an app that worked right for my Windows Phone, but the web view wasn’t terrible other than figuring out how to navigate the recordings.

IE is no longer required to view the live feed of your cameras! You can view the camera’s live feed by going to in any browser and logging in with the same username and password that you use in the Zmodo mobile app.

Thanks for the review!

This system comes with a warranty, so if you have any issues with the cameras, let us know!

We replaced email alerts with mobile phone notifications, so the alert is sent directly to your phone.

If you have any other issues or questions about the system you can reach our support team at 217-903-5037 from Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm Central time.

Thanks for your feedback. We’ve since updated this system to use a different and even easier app, called the Zmodo app. You won’t need to use any IP addresses to set up this system for remote viewing. You simply create an account, scan a QR code, and you’re up and running!

At this time we don’t have an app that is compatible with a Windows phone.

If you have any issue accessing recordings, you can call us at 217-903-5037 Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm Central or check out our KB article at this link: Zmodo Knowledge Base - How to Backup a Video Clip from a DVR or NVR (New Video Backup Method)

What kind of HDD does it take? Can you record to an external drive?

Ditto on the question about the internal HDD…

What size drives are acceptable and of what type?

Just a standard SATA drive from Fry’s…if I remember right, a Western Digital Blue for around $60. Do pay attention to the read/write speeds, I seem to remember the documentation mentioned a minimum, but they aren’t “high performance” speeds.

I bought this system in December and finally got it installed in March. We really like it and its features. But now one of our cameras has quit working. How can I get a replacement camera?