Zmodo 500GB Surveillance System

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Zmodo 500GB Surveillance System
$179.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Woot! Not paranoid, but #1 with paranoids!

I found this out last time this was sold. Those little hoods on top of the cameras are there to provide shade and protect from direct sunlight. If you’re still paranoid of extreme heat you could probably paint the hoods a nice reflective white.

If I recall correctly these bad boys are rated for temperatures up to 115 degrees.

No personal experience per se, but a friend has a set of these at his recording studio. Quality is pretty grainy, but serviceable. Don’t expect to see too much detail (especially under infrared). As long as you’re not expecting high-def, FBI-grade “big brother” type stuff, you won’t be disappointed.

OK, so I think I can’t browse the www to reach the unit remotely, but I can have it on my local network–right?

Does the “The DVR also features the most updated 3G/4G mobile live! Preview via mobile phone” mean I can call into it using a smart phone? If so, is the picture static like a screen grab?

OK – Say you wanted to set up a system to stream, oh, 4 courts of tennis matches (from a small college. very small) to the Web, where they could be viewed by parents and friends. Realizing this would be a far-from-perfect setup, well, you see where I’m going with this. Would it work at all? Or would it be unable to capture the motion well enough to tell what’s even going on?

That’s funny, only Florida seems to be paranoid for the moment!

Bought One of these Last March on WOOT (without a Hardrive)(for $99 + $5 SHipping

Gave me Problems from DAY One, the DVR Does Not WORK, When u Plug it in it JUST BEEPS and BEEPS and the Lites on it Flashes and So Does the mouse. (Nothing on the Monitor Screen)

To SHip it back its gonna Cost me double what I paid for it (So I wrote it off as a LOSS)
the Only thing Working is the Cameras.


1.55pm (Eastern Time)
I received an Email from “AMBER” today and the Matter has been resolved Amicably

THANKS again “AMBER” For Going the EXTRA MILES in Customer Service

who watches the watchers?

Seriously, man. Don’t beat around the bush. Do you like it or not?

As I said Above…I Bought One Right Here on WOOT (Minus hardrive) for $99 on March 27.
This is the Same Model [PKD-DK40107] with a 500 HArdrive Included.

I still have it, if Any one Wants it they can have Mine for Free.(Note the DVR Dont Work)(never did).

You Can Read all the 472 Comment Carefully on this orginal Post where I bought it.


I bought this last time. I have 24 cameras on my acreage. Some are Q-see and most are Lorex. These cameras are very grainy and have very poor resolution at night. I took them down 2 weeks after I installed them .IF Used IN THE House they are just OK.

I’ll take it man, I’ll even pay shipping.

Give me a PM.

Too bad that alan didn’t understand the sarcasm in the maui coment.

I almost pee myself laughing.

Don’t listen to him, I’ve seen plenty of CSI. All you need to do is zoom in

I’ve tried that with fractals, they never got any clearer.


Just take a point called Z on the complex plane such that Z1=Z^2+c
And Z2=Z1^2+c
And Z1=Z2^2+c
And so on.
If the series of Z should always stay, close to Z instead of trending away that point is in the Mandelbrot set.

Here is the Zmodo Website

And I double Checked from Last Time the Temperature Rating: 14-122 degrees Fahrenheit
Hope this helps!

Where’s all you people tripping over yourselves to post the owner’s manuals? I found this is the description: “Remote Access: LAN or Internet Browsing” which implies to me I can browse into them. I would be very interested in these if that were true.

LOL. oh, and my favorite over-used Hollywoodism… just say the magic words, “enhance that!” and you’ll suddenly be able to read the logo off the guy’s wrist watch.