Zmodo 720p HD Wi-Fi IP Camera with Audio

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Zmodo 720p HD Wi-Fi IP Camera with Audio
Price: $39.99
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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
6/30/2015 - $59.99 (Woot Plus)
5/18/2015 - $59.99 (Woot Plus)

Looks like there is a price drop, possible because the previous price is Amazon’s current price.

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I checked on amazon just now and its $60.00

Is there a way to get the raw video feed out of this? To view it in a standard web browser window WITHOUT a plugin?

I’ve had this item on my list on amazon for a while and it’s been $39.99 forever… questionable tactics here.

We have no control over Amazon’s or any 3rd party pricing. We wish we did.

Here’s the pricing history for this item.

You can view the live feed through any browser that will use the Adobe Flash plugin at

If you have any other questions you can call our tech support at 217-903-5037 from Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm Central time.

Thanks, helpful information.

So if I set this up at home and assign a static IP address to the device, download the iOS program and set it up there, can I use that iOS program to view the feed remotely or do I have to also be connected to my WiFi to view the feed through the app?

Also, with DHCP, will this effect the wireless aspect of setting this up to WiFi?

The above url has some path details for an rtsp stream from the camera. Don’t think you can view that in a browser directly, but you should be able to use other software to view it.

I’m dubious of this given ZMODO’s response and its theoretical reliance on both ZMODO’s servers and the dog-awful Flash plugin.

These cloud cameras that are locked in to the manufacturer’s sites are terrible ideas, especially for those of us with low ISP upload speeds! I’m limited to .9 Mbps outgoing, so I for sure don’t want to have to send my data in a huge loop out of my LAN and then back in to my LAN from the cloud. Just let me view the camera directly!

But you know, I hope I’m wrong. Can anyone confirm that a raw stream that isn’t flash can be gotten out of this camera?

Can this be used as a regular webcam with something like Skype?

Not seeing anything about motion detection, or the ability to notify a user by text or email. Is that possible with this device?

It says it does under the specs tab.

Visualization No. 3 indicates features by number, where feature No. 5 states that a 16gb SD card is included. This contradicts what is located on the “Features” tab for this item which states SD card not included. Which is true?

The setup process is very simple in the app. You will use the free mobile app to scan the QR code and connect the camera to your WiFi. Once the app has been configured, you can view the camera from the same or remote locations.

DHCP is recommended over a static IP in the event that the camera loses power. It will be able to obtain a working IP address and reconnect to the cloud server seamlessly.

No, this camera is not made to stream through your computer or to use with programs like Skype.

Yes, this camera can send mobile notifications when motion is detected.