Zmodo 720p Wireless Indoor IP Camera

Here are some comments from the previous sale
Hey look, some good Reviews (may or may not be shill)

Nice overview (with some futuristic music) over on youtube [youtube=YADMtPwsGv0][/youtube]

Another video comparison from Zmodo.

Some additional info can be found over at the product page

Let’s watch nearly 15 minutes of monitoring action! [youtube=ch55TfL8a28][/youtube]

This looks like something a FIRST Robotics Team might want 3 of.

No audio? Pass.

Ha ha, I thought it was a retro phone at first glance.

Can someone more technically inclined explain this to me? “UPnP enabled in router”?? I have no clue if my router would work, but I am dealing with a pup in early renal failure and would love to see if she’s pacing needing to go out 10 minutes after I leave home. It bugs me whenever I go out, and she’s usually just sleeping, snuggled with her sister. This would be great for peace of mind, audio or not since it would cover my entire living room and their beds.

I couldn’t get mine to play nice with my wireless router… Worked just fine wired, but just not fun trying to get it up on the wireless… They’re now sitting around collecting dust. One of my few disappointing woots… :\

Does anyone know if Email notification requires that a nearby computer be on? /i would love to use this as a safety monitor for a remote property but there is usually no computer on the same network. In other word, is the email sent by the camera and/or soe related online service, or is it sent by a computer on the same network? thanks.

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a set of networking protocols that permits networked devices, such as personal computers, printers, Internet gateways, Wi-Fi access points and mobile devices to seamlessly discover each other’s presence on the network and establish functional network services for data sharing, communications, and entertainment.

Your router does not need to have upnp but it could make set up easier for you when forwarding ports and stuff. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Usually you set up the email through the camera and doesn’t require a PC. Basically the camera logs into the email server over the Internet and sends the email. Just enter your email username, password, address, port and some other settings and you’re all set.

I considered buying a bunch of these as stocking stuffers until the recent story about a IP baby monitor that was hacked. Apparently the perp took total control, and was even able to call out to the baby, whose name was on the wall. S/he was also able to turn the camera toward the parents when they entered the room. Scary stuff. Since my gift recipients are too paranoid to even use their laptop’s webcam, they certainly won’t use this IP cam. For what it’s worth, this Zmodo camera cannot pan/tilt and it has no sound. If you do buy an IP cam, make sure you take proper precautions like change the name/password.

Oh btw, I used to mock them for their webcam paranoia but then there was this recent story about Miss Teen USA’s webcam getting hacked. I too am now considering placing black tape over my laptop’s webcam.


Thanks much. I already have a Foscam but will probably pick up one of these too. I like the SD capability.

I’m a newbie when it comes to IP devices but I’ve seen that setting on the 5 or so routers that I [blindly] set up so I’m guessing that your router has it too. As for monitoring your pup, you might want to get the Foscam that was recently on Woot. It’s also often on other sites, including Amazon, for $59-$69. It’s gotten good reviews, and a newbie like me was able to set one up in less than 5 mins. Also has universal support. Every related software I’e seen has the Foscam as an option.

While the Foscam is only VGA and lacks SD card ability, it does have features you might like. First, there is 2-way audio which will allow you to hear barking, and even talk back. Sound capability also means that you can set the camera on auto-audio alert where it alerts you when hearing a sound. Many parents use this for baby monitoring. And it has Pan/Tilt, which allow you to move the lens remotely in case you want to track your pup. And yes, like this Zmodo, it can do motion detection. Just make sure your software supports all these features.

Is anyone else wondering whether this software will work with the Foscam?

I bought a couple the last time they were on sale. The video stream is not accessible without going through their application, a browser plugin of potentially dubious quality.

The firmware is crap. The wireless card is on and blinking quite brightly, even when “disabled”.

Furthermore, there are some security flaws with the firmware that make me reluctant to even use it.

I bought one of these the last time they were offered and am extremely disappointed with it. User’s manual offers very little help, if you aren’t a network techie, don’t bother with it. Works okay when wired, but setting it up the wireless is nearly impossible. If you loose power on it, you loose the IP settings and have to set it up all over again. I will say the video quality looks great, but it doesn’t work with any video applications except theirs…which is total crap. I have yet to find anything that will convert their video format to something usable. UV video capabilities are rather disappointing. Overall I have to say it’s a useless piece of junk.

I got one to keep an eye on my puppies during the day when I’m at work. It goes offline all the time, and is slow to load. When it does work (about 2 out of 4 attempts to access it) it has a decent picture, day or night.

Setting it up with the wireless was a pain in the neck, but I managed to get there, but any time there’s a power flicker, it loses connection and has to be unplugged & plugged back in.

Pity, I’d have bought more if I liked it better.