Zmodo 8-Channel H.264 960H DVR Security System

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Zmodo 8-Channel H.264 960H DVR Security System
Price: $89.99 - 119.99
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Does this work with a Mac? We have an old ZModo system and it required Internet Explorer on Windows… and doesn’t even work well with a modern Windows OS.

Check out the product page for the DVR

[MOD EDIT] Slightly different model.

Specs say SATA interface 3.5" …up to 4TB. From the price looks like this comes without an internal hard drive? Purchaser to provide after purchase?

Follow up- at bottom of spec page. Assume each camera comes with listed cable. Length is good to know if any runs are longer than cable supplied.

In the Box:

Zmodo 8-Channel H.264 960H DVR Security System (No HDD) w/ Cameras (Your Choice of 4 or 8 Cameras)
59ft (18m) Video + Power All-in-one Cable for Security Camera

Does it come with a Hard Drive, if so what size? In the specifications it says up to 4TB, but does not mention if a hard drive is included.

Hard drive is apparently not included. That’s how my current one came, and I might have even bought that from woot I can’t remember.

According to the woot description it says there is no HDD included

^^Correct. Buyer confirms the hard drive is NOT included.

Is this wireless?

Anyone have experience installing this kind of camera on a truck or RV, good or bad?

Question: is the power supply 120v/60Hz only, or can it handle a mains supply of 240v/50Hz?

Cam rated down to 14°F. I’d have to bring it in every Winter.

Does anyone know if the cables come with it to hook them up? Sorry if I over looked it.

First, you’ll need 110V to run the DVR.
Second, cameras are plastic. I doubt they will last driving down the road hitting bumps.
Third, camera connections aren’t weather tight. A little bit of road salt will kill them quick.

Get a system made for the road like this…

60ft cables


From the manufacturers website…

Limited functionality on MAC…

Make sure you get a HDD that is a Surveillance HDD. They’re made specifically to run 24/7 on security systems like this.
Seagate sells 1TB for $65.00,
2TB $99.00.
you may be able to find them cheaper if you look around.