Zmodo 8-Channel Surveillance System



Just a note for those that don’t follow the Zmodo threads often… this is one that you’ll want to add a hard drive to if you want to record as well as monitor.

This is a DIY hard drive offer.


Here it was last month in june No comments from me because I was on vacation. I’ll read through that after I’m done with the rest of the woot properties and see if there’s not anything more I can add for you.


VACATION!?!!? You get vacation?!??!


This Woot Model Zmodo BRN-KDS8-OARCB22N is an Improvement
from previous Sold Models (like this one

It has 2 DOME Camera, and 2 Bullet CAMERAS.
The former Ones Advertisd by Woot had Only 12 LED in the Camera and the Cameras hade 6mm Lens (which Gave a Narrow Field of View)
This One Has 3.6mm Lens (for Wider Angle View)

The Cameras also have 24 LEDS (an Extra 12 LEDs in should make a Big Difference for NITE Vision (you should be able to get About Twice as Much Distance(about 60 feet)

I think Overall its a Good Deal (for the improvement in the Camera)


Purchased one of these during the last wootoff. It’s not worth the money at any price.

  • The web interface appears to be IE-only. Haven’t tried Safari, but does not work with Chrome, FFox or Opera.

  • Very messy coding: Plug it in to a LAN and it ARPs between once every two seconds, and three times a second. Support has no idea why this is.

  • Configure a DNS server in the network config and every two seconds it makes a request for . Nonstop. Endlessly. Checking any public DNS server this resolves to . Support has no idea why this is.

  • I added a hard drive, formatted it, installed two cameras, and set them to motion record. The system records 100% of the time, all 8 channels. Including 6 channels that have no cameras connected. Support has no idea why this is.

Overall, it’s a largely useless system.


Thunder Thighs
What is the SHIPPING Weight of this Camera System ??


DID you Try Disabling the Other 6 Cameras in the “MENU Settings” on the DVR ?
If Not it will Record the all 8 Channels. (even the Ones with no Cameras Attached)


I rather enjoy the system for the money. Ironically enough, had a break in at my business 2 days after installing it. Added a 2TB hard drive to it. It was disconnected and thrown into a ditch (took quite a tumble)was able to find it, plug it in and watch the whole incident as if never taken from me. (america’s dumbest criminals, complete idiot) Overall the system works very well. The cameras are of “good” video quality (for what I use them for in my business). I will say I was not able to get the Internet to work with it to allow viewing from home/phone/etc but only spent a couple hours with it…(not easy and as stated only IE that I am aware of. Will actually pick up another one to use in my other business. for $149.99 it’s a pretty GREAT DEAL for basic office viewing. No experience with IR use but playing around worked VERY well in the dark drop ceiling during installation. BUT internet connecting… effin sux…although once working might be nice!


I am wondering if/how phones can view this? I see alot of IE only comments and if so Im guessing thats why it doesnt specifically list iOS or Droids.


Sorry, I don’t have that information. Even looked on our Admin site. It’s drop-shipped so we probably didn’t get a sample.

Here’s the Zmodo page. You might call them for that info.


Interesting… why would it have to connect to I have two zmodo system I haven’t set up yet… worried about putting it on my network.


I had a issue shipping this item last time it was here, so ended up getting a similiar one, so can help some of you out with issues.

  1. Zmodo has an app for android phones at least, not sure about iphone or windows. Just search google marketplace for Zviewer.

  2. In regards to accessing the dvr via internet explorer…you have to make sure some activex settings in internet explorer are disabled, or rather are set up for prompting. Google “disable activex for dvr’s” and you will find the solution.


It does have a client of iOS and Android. It’s made by a 3rd party, the “about” has some real choppy Engrish in it. The Android version works well enough in my tests, even remote over the internet.


Honestly, I don’t know. The address resolves to, which is localhost, or loopback. Every device on this planet with an IP responds to as “myself”. So, every 2 seconds, this unit does a lookup on an address that resolves to its own local address. This is beyond any reasonable level of sanity, I’ve seen sloppy PBXs that spam networks with UDP packets for random reasons (mostly to find/talk to management consoles) but don’t do this. Zmodo support has not responded to my requests about this. I think it’s because either A) no one knows, or B) had some nefarious purpose previously and the TLD servers have re-mapped it to localhost, to keep any code in any product/app/malware from doing anything malicious. In either case, I don’t suspect I’ll hear back from Zmodo on this, or the massive ARPing issue.


I, for one, am extremely greatful for the time you guys have put in to make us aware of the problems with this system. I definitely will not be a buyer.


Not sure where to start but your THEORY about the IF emitters is wrong. The usable distance for these at night without any ambient light from a full moon is about 10 feet and if you have a reflective surface like your car you will get a 15’ range with outlines of the car only. So when you mount this under the eve of your property you have already used have the distance it can see.
It’s an 8 channel system with only 4 cameras. None have audio and PTZ For dome cameras ONLY) only works if you are logged into the DVR. They are also a better nesting ground for spiders and do not work at all well in the cold. Bullet cameras are built to fail.


I purchased this the last time…the shipping label on my box says 12 lbs.


Are the domes PTZ, or stationary?