Zmodo 8CH/8Cam 720p POE NVR System



I purchased a Zmodo and while it recorded OK, if you are planning on watching video remotely through the Internet, do your research. I had one and could never make it work more than a couple days without having to tinker with it. Their customer support was terrible. Scrapped it and got a Samsung, which has been great.


Anyone know if you can buy it without the hard drive and install your own? Pretty good price I think. Which Samsung model would you recommend?


This offer comes with the hard drive. No option to omit the drive. Sorry.

EDIT: As noted below, I’m totally wrong. This offer has the NO HDD option.


Are you talking about the woot/Zmodo deal, or the Samsung?

The woot/Zmodo deal has two options, $360 without the hard drive, and $420 with a 1TB hard drive. So if that’s the one you’re talking about, then yes, you can get it without the hard drive.


Me stupid this morning. Updated my post. Thanks for the call out.


Sorry wasn’t clear. Can I buy the no-drive version and install my own 2T drive in it? I think I can buy a drive cheaper elsewhere. Thanks.


Should be able to. Specs say the max is 4TB.

Capacity Up to 4TB (Choose: No HDD or 1TB HDD)


I have the 4 camera version of this and it works well enough but remote viewing is nearly unusable as in i stopped bothering with it. and navigating recorded video is sketchy at best but i was successfully able to pull this sweet video of my dog its grainy cause i zoomed it in with free editing software. I’m not sure i would call the raw footage “HD” all in all for a cheap enough price its a nice POE camera system.

Also I have been completely unable to find any way to order a single replacement camera as i may have murdered one during installation.


Installing and switching out the Hard Drive won’t void your warranty, so have at it!

As long as you install a surveillance grade Hard Drive up to 4TB, it will work with the NVR. Desktop Hard Drives simply don’t cut it in surveillance systems because the NVR basically forces the Hard Drive to run a marathon 24/7.

If you’ll be installing your own Hard Drive, we recommend either a Seagate Pipeline series, Western Digital AV-GP series, or Western Digital Purple series.


As long as we’re posting sweet videos of our dogs, here’s one of my dogs rolling in something stinky: This video was taken from the same 720P system while it was still in testing stages and not for sale yet.

This system supports remote viewing through either port forwarding or P2P, so if the upload speed at the NVR is on the slow side you can connect through port forwarding instead of P2P and it’ll be a more stable connection.

If you murdered your camera and need a new one, you can just call Zmodo tech support and order a replacement over the phone. Since the cameras require the NVR in order to operate, we don’t sell them individually. Zmodo tech support agents “officially” don’t do phone orders or sell anything ever, but we understand that sometimes camera murderation happens so we’ll be happy to order you a replacement. We’re available Monday - Friday from 8AM-8PM CST at 217-903-5037.


The Western Digital Purple hard drives are rated for 24/7 video surveillance work and run cool and quiet.
You can get a new 1tb for about 60 shipped from Amazon or New Egg when on sale and they have a 3 year warranty.
I bought a refurbed 1tb purple with a warranty cheaper and so far it has ran like I said in my 8 channel setup with 3 cameras hooked up to date.
I HAD a OLD regular 400 gig in my first setup and it did work fine but when I pulled it to put it in the new DVR it was so hot it burned my fingers and had melted a bit of the plastic it was touching.
SO highly recommended to get a drive rated for security video service so you don’t overheat it and have a problem.