Zmodo Greet WiFi Doorbell with Smart Home Hub

Cam itself is ok. Software is kinda trash

It seems that this has too many bad reviews on Amazon even recent ones

This is probably the worst WiFi doorbell out there. It will connect to your router but will constantly drop off. When it does work the cloud video and alerts are very delayed. The so called smart hub WiFi extender that is included simply does not work. Search the internet for all of the complaints. One of the open box items is probably mine since I returned it. Stay away from this.


Not even worth w/e it’s at today. (50)
Never works didn’t, it’s just JUNK.
DOESN’T work wish Alexa, ZMODO just didn’t work

Great, i ordered on before i saw your comments. Can i refuse shipment or return it without opening it? If it doesnt work as advertised isnt it considered defective and returnable?

Got one of these for free to review…not even worth it at that price.

Three hours of work and its still not working.

I’m very sorry.

You can do a self-return via order details in Your Account.

I spent two days trying to get it to work. It won’t. Customer service could not get it to work either.

**wow, it was $44.99. I paid more for it and it still does not work. I got the Beam working and that is supposed to get the doorbell easily working but an error pops up every time.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I got the camera working. There is some lag between the doorbell ringing and the phone notifying me.

The connection problem I had initially seems to be the repeater or extender (Beam). When I plug it in, it seems to interfere with my devices and they have a hard time connecting and maintaining a connection to wifi. I will do more testing to be sure.

If you have a dual channel router, I think you can isolate it on it’s own channel?

… or something like that.

The problem is definitely the Beam repeater. Without it, the camera connects though it still has a lot of lag. With it plugged in, I get all those disabled errors and the phone looses internet connection every few seconds.

Still has issues. Tech suggested I send it to them with RMA. I’m tired of messing with it. I want to return it.