Zmodo Greet WiFi Doorbell with Smart Home Hub

I bought one, months ago and spent 3 days trying to get it to work with their support dept.
Never would work.

I got one of these 9/30/2018 and it was really easy to install and I didn’t have any issues. I’ve only had it a few days but its working quite well. It’s sensitive and detects some traffic passing by the house. Night mode is pretty good with tons of IR light. Wifi connection is good, and I haven’t used the Zmodo Beam yet as I haven’t needed it. Well worth the $45.

I bought one 2 weeks ago. The image is only about 35 degrees wide, not the claimed 105. This is supposedly normal when viewed on a cell phone But here’s what I see on my PC. Only the middle 35 degree third shows.

I called Zmodo to see if there was a config issue but they said it’s defective and issued an RMA to send it to them. I then decided to contact Woot support for replacement instead last Monday. It was still in stock just before I sent the email. When they replied later that day, they said it was out of stock and could issue a refund. I looked, and it was indeed suddenly out of stock on the site. I sent an email back saying the deal was too good to lose and I would follow through with Zmodo and immediately sent it out.

Now here’s what what pisses me off… the very next day, I see it’s been relisted on Woot’s clearance page again, and still remains since. I feel like I’ve been duped

Hi dmw804. Inventory for open box items varies day to day as they often have low quantities. It’s possible we had a few more become available.

Thanks TT. Hopefully, Zmodo will resolve the matter and all will be right with the world.