Zmodo Pan & Tilt 720p IP Camera

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Zmodo Pan & Tilt 720p IP Camera
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Not at all interested when there is 27% 1-star reviews on the mothership. All the wrong reasons, too - concern over where the notification images are stored, problems connecting to wi-fi, reliability.


So, I bought one of these a few weeks back on a lightning deal from the mothership. I’m generally happy with it.

There are a lot of “gotchas” though. If your home wifi SSID has a space in it, the camera won’t work. Certain special characters will cause it to fail too. My SSID has an underscore and that wasn’t a problem. Finally, and this is a biggie, the WPA/WPA2 passphrase you use has to be 20 or less characters. This could be a big deal to people. I personally think if you’re using a wifi password of more than 20 characters you aren’t likely to be buying security cameras from Woot anyway…

The Current Zmodo android app works well. I think a lot of bad older reviews come from all the combinations of apps that they’ve had in the past. The app I use is “Zmodo” It’s got 50% “1” ratings, mostly for connection reasons. For me, the video is fine. For me it connects all the time.

The “two-way audio” is a joke. It’s not going to work unless you’re standing on top of the camera. If I cared at all about that feature, I would have returned it. But uh, I personally see nothing to use that with. Talking to criminals in my house? They could have eliminated that feature and knocked a few bucks off the price.

A lot of other complaints are about the server storage and such. The video goes through a third party server and Zmodo is storing some part of it there. Also, they use a proprietary format have to use the app to connect to the camera… you can’t just specify a local IP and log in. The positive is that if someone steals the camera you’ll still have some video in the cloud. The negative is, of course, there’s pretty much always video from your camera in the cloud. Again, it’s not a big deal for me. If someone saw video from my camera they’d be pretty bored. I personally won’t ever be putting an internet connected camera in a place that’s going to be interesting to hackers in the first place, so yeah…

All of that said, the video quality is nice. The night vision works great, aided by a strong IR emitter. There is a very audible click from the camera when it switches modes (and people complain about that too). The app itself always defaults to SD when you first connect, so you always have to switch to HD if you’re looking for detail. Card recording is always done locally at HD. I find the ability to pan the room really nice. I can see the entire room and if needed I can point the camera into the wall (in case I ever actually do get worried about hackers). :slight_smile:

One last thing. The camera fits almost perfectly on the plate you use to cover a circular outdoor wiring box. I only mention that because that’s what I’m using (box and plate) as a stand on top of my china cabinet to give the camera a little more height.

Thank you that was very helpful. On the one hand, it does what you’d expect for a $40 camera, on the other hand, it does sound like it comes with some headaches that are more feature than bug. I’ll wait for the next iteration or something else.

Do you think this cam has that insecure chip used in that denial of service attack on Twitter recently?

Does the pan/tilt follow the movement it detects automatically, or is this a manual pan/tilt ?

Seems to be manual:

Pan &Tilt
Remotely pan and tilt live video and keep an eye on a larger area.

Can anyone comment on the noises it makes while panning/zooming/etc… Is it noisy or silent? Slight whirring?

Does anyone else have night vision issues? I set up the camera in a dark room, and I’m looking at a black screen. I can see a few LEDs flashing on my cable modem (other side of the room), but no image otherwise. Broken unit, or ?