Zmodo Pivot 1080p 360° Rotating Cam w/ 2pk Sensors

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Zmodo Pivot 1080p 360? Rotating Cam w/ 2pk Sensors
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Do Not buy! I bought one in a previous iteration on Woot. It will not update its software and is now a big paperweight.

So what are the internet and bandwidth requirements? Is a cloud service required?

Got this one last year. Big mistake. Motion sensor is very slow, Door/window sensors don’t work most of the time and the Zmodo app is clunky.

Hi Schlafly, Zmodo Pivot requires a minimum bandwidth of 1mbps, Cloud service is not required to use the product, and Pivot has a 16GB built-in memory card for storage :slight_smile:

Hi tinapa85, sorry for the unpleasant shopping experience with Zmodo, please contact seller for a replacement as Zmodo products have a 3-year warranty, and Pivot has been updated lately both hardware and software wise, motion detection has been improved.

Hi beertodd, Zmodo Pivot has been improved, and so does the Zmodo app, you can now easily update the device’s firmware version using your Zmodo app. Please do not hesitate to reach us if you have further questions.

I don’t understand. What is the bandwidth used for, if not for a cloud service?

Hi Schlafly, Zmodo Pivot needs to connect to your wi-fi, that you can control and view the camera via app, 1mbps network speed is to ensure smooth control and clear 1080p full-hd view.

I had a this and a few other Zmodo devices about a year ago. They would each randomly loose their connection and go into pairing mode. This meant that I lost remote connection and anyone could connect locally to the device and take control of it if they knew the default settings. All of this was despite all network equipment and some of the affected Zmodo devices being on battery back-ups.

Other than that catastrophic flaw the hardware seemed decent and the software worked well enough. The pivot settings were annoying and it struggled to remember the designated default position.

Hi TheCrimsonKing, Zmodo products won’t go back to pairing mode once connected,even if the connection was lost, the product has to be manually reset (re-plug or contact Zmodo Support) to go back to pairing mode. And Zmodo wi-fi products like Zmodo Pivot uses bank-level AES 256-bit encryption to ensure safety.

Zmodo Pivot has been updated since then, the latest firmware version features an improvement in motion detection and connectivity with sensors.

Are you saying that the product needs a 1mbps connection to a wifi router, or a 1mbps connection to company servers on the internet? And the phone also needs such a connection to the wi-fi router or internet? The specs do not say.

I must be one of the lucky ones. I bought one of these in a previous woot about a year ago. I’ve been nothing but happy with it. The door sensors didn’t work for me because my door frame doesn’t align with the door in such a way that allowed them to be close enough together when the door was closed (it always read the sensors as ‘open’). But I did test them by hand and they were working fine.

The app you use to control everything was a bit clunky on it’s first iteration, but the latest updates I’m quite happy with.

As for picture quality, I was happy with it initially, then I realized there was a button in the app to turn on HD and I was really impressed. Night vision quality is exceptional as well.

As I said, after reading the other reviews, it seems I’m the odd man out here, so take all this for whatever it’s worth.

The product needs a 1mbps connection to a wifi router, not the company servers. When setting it up, the phone will also need to connect to the same Wi-Fi. Once Pivot is successfully set up, the device will work no matter the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data, home or away.

I purchased one of the less expensive Wi-Fi cameras to use solely as a Baby Monitor and am extremely impressed. Which is tempting me to jump on this. The only issue I have with the camera I have (Mini Wireless) is the audio isn’t as great as I’d like it to be compared to my only audio baby monitor. Which was expected as it was meant for a camera, not microphone and speakers. When using the talk back function of the Mini Wireless, it’s barely audible. Does the Pivot provide higher quality speakers and microphone?

Cloud storage??

If someone breaks in and takes the cam with the memory, will there a video anywhere?

Yes,Zmodo Pivot does have better audio and video quality than the Mini Wireless cam you have. It can also connect to bluetooth for playing music. Thanks.

If you subscribe Zmodo cloud, the video will be stored to the secured cloud. Zmodo Pivot now offers 30 day free trial for cloud.Thanks.

I have two rooms in my house that I would like to monitor. They are on different floors. Can I operate/monitor two units. What would this look like, in terms of switching from one to the other on my phone?