Zmodo Pivot 1080p 360° Rotating Cam w/ 2pk Sensors

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Zmodo Pivot 1080p 360? Rotating Cam w/ 2pk Sensors
Price: $49.99
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Condition: New


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I bought one of these from Woot in 11/2016. Though I never had a need for the sensors, the camera has worked flawlessly.

Really considering… Can recent owners comment on this?

Seriously? Click on the 1,300+ Amazon Reviews link and sort by most recent.

Hmmm… that’s A LOT of 1 star reviews sorting it by newest first. The price is really cheap, but not if it breaks in a couple/few months. I guess that’s why it’s so cheap?

Will it work with open source iSPY server?

Thanks for that.

I want to hear from my wootboys. I’ve seen plenty of fake reviews from Amazon.

Can you use outside? Doesn’t give any specifics of outdoor indoor specs

I’m tired of all the fake Amazon reviews, too. It’s becoming difficult to trust the good ones.

The app is rated 2 stars.

See my first comment. Additionally, the app was recently redone and works great.

I wouldn’t use mine outside.

Okay then, click on the previous WOOT sales stats… Not a lot “wootboys” bought this, so I wouldn’t expect an overwhelming response from that group.
At $50 + tax and the internal memory can be upgraded (if you’re so skilled to disassemble the camera), I’m seriously considering buying the limit.

PS, naming 1 camera Linda Blair and 1 Regan. Not sure about the 3rd cameras name yet.

I am think about buying one of these to watch the fur kids while away from the house. The wife and I wonder what kind of shenanigans they get into while we are away. One time we came home to blood on the floor but none of them had wounds or were bleeding, and it wasn’t vomit. We think they attacked a ghost and it suffered the consequences.

That top critical review from Amazon seems to be fair and telling. If the functionality really doesn’t work well without paying for cloud storage, then I’m not really interested.

I haven’t personally used it, but Blueiris seems to get favorable reviews. It allows you to record video from these type cameras to a local PC or server.

I bought one of these previously on Woot. They upgraded the software and it totally bricked. I have contacted Zmodo several times to no effect. I would trust a Craigslist proctologist before I would trust this company.

It’s powered by 5v usb. Anyone know if a solar power can be used with the same power output? Need this in my COVERED patio and no electricity is nearby