Zmodo Pivot 1080p 360° Rotating Cam w/ 2pk Sensors

Zmodo Pivot 1080p 360° Rotating Cam w/ 2pk Sensors

I almost thought this was a 2 camera pk and was ready to buy 3 sets… still a good price. Zmodo customer support is absolutely garbage though, so good luck if you ever need to utilize them.

I’ve had one of these for a couple years now. The app is meh, but it works reliably and the camera quality is very good. Microphone quality is passable, but not great. I never could get the door sensors to work properly, but most of that was due to the way my door frames are built. No big loss though.

Long story short, are there better cameras out there with better support? Sure, for a price. Is this one worth the cost? Absolutely.

Im trying to consolidate all my IoT apps, is this compatible with Alexa or Google Home?

This comment in a review definitely steered me away from this product:

You go to contact their chat support and a warning messages comes saying their chat service isn’t secure and they can’t guarantee the safety of your information.

Definitely what you want to hear from a company that sold you a security camera hooked to the internet, right? lol

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Seen this a few months back on WOOT. Thought. Cool, a camera that will follow sound. Ordered one. Tried for a week to get the app/phone/camera to connect. It never would connect. Did a chat with tech support and they figured the wifi wasn’t working on the unit. Contacted woot, sent it back. Didn’t get a replacement, just refund. I was going to replace the small mem card but after looking at the video’s, it appeared to be a lot of trouble but I never got that far since it never worked. Shame too, I had high hopes for it.

A few things you need to know about the memory.
The 16gb internal storage is like 3 layers down inside the unit so replacing it I’m sure will void any warranty but really? 16gb? And there is NO external slot to add more. No USB connection to download any video. Had I got mine to work, I’d put a 64gb card in it. There are youtube videos showing how to do this.

And FWIW, it never stopped blinking blue which means it could not even find my wifi/router which was less then 3 feet away and it was a ASUS GT 5300 so I’m sure it was getting more then enough signal.

I think it was $69 last time it was on Woot. Love it, although it makes me sad to see my dogs all alone when I’m at work. Sound is just OK, pic is great. Never set up the door/window switches. Didn’t have the need. It’s very creepy when my wife says hello through it when I’m home and she’s away. Once I caught one of my dogs digging in the houseplants. I ran to an empty conference room and said “Nellie, no!!!” over the speaker. She stopped! Another time I caught her ready to destroy a roll of paper towels I’d left within reach. Another mess averted!

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Does WOOT do price match :slight_smile:

If there’s a legitimate price comp from a recognized retailer, we will sometimes try to lower our price if we are able to. However, a seller on eBay with 86 reviews definitely doesn’t fall into that category. LOL.

Bought one of these two years ago and have never been able to activate it. My son, who is much better at technical things, also tried and was unable to get it going. My assessment is that this is not a good product. If I hadn’t kept it beyond the warranty stage I would have returned it.

Man, if Woot (or any store) did that people would be listing things left and right on eBay, super cheap, then ask for a price match. Then they get the item at a ridiculous price, and then all they have to do is cancel the eBay ad…perfect crime.

PS, check out the Wyze cam on Amazon, has a better price and has better reviews.

Anyone having issues - purchased two neither broadcasting the ssid not showing up as a device broadcasting - presume their wifi is dead 2/2 is a bit concerning for quality.
had problem with doorbell cam having old directions to defunct setup - found correct setup and worked easily these pivots have the new info yet neither connect.

Spent a couple hours with zmodo support - no help whatsoever.

going to have to go back to woot which I never have time for -
unless someone has a magic resolution.