Zmodo Security

I’ve been regretting not buying the last cctv deal Woot had since I was a bit late to the game. This Zmodo 4-channel system doesn’t appear to have much of a discount over what’s available via google shopping minus shipping.

I ordered 3 of the Zmodo ZH-IXA15-WC 720p Wireless Indoor Network IP Cameras last time they were on woot.

They are not good cameras and Zmodo support is pretty awful. If you ONLY intend at looking them with an android or iphone device, they are ok. Maybe. But any other use and there are just too many limitations (ONVIF is implemented strangely, 32-bit IE only for the full GUI, cannot disable IR, no software updates ever, the zmodo website is pretty much unusable, many features such as FTP and Email alerts do not work correctly, etc).

The mothership has a bevy of irate customers.

they were very entertaining to read. good luck to anyone getting these “deals”.

I bought one of these the last time it came around because what the heck, it’s $60.

On the plus side:
-It is 720p which gives you significantly more pixels than most cameras in this price range.
-It has Wi-Fi so you don’t have to run an Ethernet cable to every camera.
-The image is decent almost excellent for a camera this cheap.
-The focus can be adjusted but you have to pull the front cover off.

The downside:
-The construction is cheap and it’s physically fragile.
-The Zmodo software is a nightmare wrapped in an enigma wrapped in what may be a dead fish.
-The documentation (what there is of it) is terrible. It’s as if they used Google translate to go from Chinese to Russian to French to English.

Oh and to the comment that you can’t disable the infrared, it’s simple, just pull the wire loose when you have the front cover off to adjust the focus. Unfortunately that’s kind of permanent unless you have some skill with a soldering iron.

For the 4 camera deal , if it comes up again. The woot page said all cameras were weatherproof. I suspected not, and upon it’s arrival I find this. “The cameras included in the kit are 1/4” color CCD Night vision cameras. The bullet camera has a weatherproof metal case and sun/rain shield that can be wall or ceiling mounted. It works well under all weather condition. The dome design camera can be mounted almost anywhere indoors, All cables and power supplies are included.

Domes are not weatherproof. Glad I’d anticipated it, sad for those who didn’t.