Zmodo Surveillance DVR 4CH\4 Camera

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Zmodo Surveillance DVR 4CH\4 Camera
$119.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Here it is at the Zmodo Website

[youtube=GH8cadZlGCc] [/youtube]

Video from website I linked to.

OR $189.99 with the 500GB hard drive!

So I guess the Hard Drive is so I can accumulate hours of footage -where that creepy stranger keeps casing my house, car & (I’m told) - the grounds!

May be overstated, that bit.
But surryously? Hard drive, no hard drive?

Baffled… in DANGER

From my understanding, if you want a setup where you are actively monitoring (sitting there watching), you don’t need a hard drive.

If you want it to record so you can review things later, you need a hard drive.

Even in the one without the hard drive, you can add your own hard drive if you have one hanging around, want a larger drive, or want to find a better deal on one.

Not a statement to the value of the bundle price, but you need a Hard Drive installed if you want to view this system remotely i.e. on your phone, iPad or another computer.

The zmodo is a little bit basic when it comes to navigating via search.
This manual for the DVR took much longer than it should have.

CowboyDann wrote: Video from website I linked to.

“3G Mart Phone”? That sort of inattention to detail reflects poorly on the company and the product.

Thanks for all the halps- means a lot, it do.

Purty creepy to think about anyone just setting there watching it… hours slipping away.
Lord knows I told myself -never again, not no more.

Well, 3:30 in Vermont, I guess it’s time for a warmy toaster-nummy snack.

Many Thanks!!

Just installed this model last week w/o HD. Use motion detect to send email and emote view via iPhone free ap.

Works great after programming router port forwarding.

Night vision distance about 15 ft, daytime picture very good

ThunderThighs is correct…No, you do not need a hard drive to view remotely (at least on the other Zmodo dvr I purchased here a few weeks ago). You’d be limited to viewing live, real-time images of the neighbor’s cat peeing on your daisies, or the weird looking cloud roll by, you just wouldn’t have the ability to record any of it.

If getting / using your own drive, Zmodo recommends using a 24/7 rated HDD(eg. W-D AV series, Seagate Pipeline or SV35 series), as desktop rated drives might crap out on you prematurely due to the constant writing to disk. Keep in mind that it gets quite hot in the DVR, so choose something with a lower power profile, or even a 2.5" HDD rated for 24/7…smaller footprint, better airflow and less generated heat.

I can only wonder which HDD Zmodo bundles with these kits…is it an actual 24/7 enterprise rated drive or not?

127.99 and 202.58 over at a m a z o n

Why ?

don’t forget to add $17 for shipping, not to mention you would be buying from someone called the Waste King.

I personally don’t think you need a 24 hr hard drive. I run a handful of computers and devices with hard drives 24/7 on “regular” HD and never (I mean never) had a problem. I even have NAS using the failure prone seagate 2T (early batches) and I never had an issue.

I’m one of the lucky ones I guess, but you definitely do not need a 24hr type HD. Sure, it can’t hurt…

I’m sure data centers around the world are using “regular” HD with no ill effect…

It’s a marketing gimmick… maybe…
Maybe they are downgrading and cheapening the “regular” hd now to make it lesser drives…

Actually, I’ve visited several large server farms, and I can assure you that they do not use ‘consumer’ rated drives.

I also run several computers and 2 NAS boxes…but the difference is that the DVR is writing to disk 24/7, constanty…whereas my equipment might be on 24/7, sure, but sitting idle for a good portion of that. I use enterprise drives simply because I value my stored data, and I feel more secure with drives that have been designed with a higher MTBF and better power/thermal profile for 24/7 usage. I don’t particularly enjoy having to re-build my disk arrays, so I opt to spend a few bucks more for drives that are built for the purpose.

I’m guessing Zmodo had to make this recommendation to cover their a$$ after some users probably called to complain about their drives burning out in a short amount of time?

There have always been different ‘qualities’ of drives out there…consumer / enterprise / special application…so I don’t think it’s a gimmick. But I agree that quality / warranties aren’t what they used to be a few years ago.

How good is the clarity daytime or nighttime?

BTW, even though it isn’t listed, this system works with Windows Phone 7 just fine. App is free too.

someone please HELP. I should never have bought this thing. I tried hooking this up, but to no avail. I really don’t know much about it. The book is so hard to understand. Hey do you think support would help me out??? Probably not.