Zmodo Surveillance System with DVR and 4 Weatherproof IR Cameras

WARNING: NO HARD DRIVE INCLUDED! Make sure you take that into consideration.

The babysitter is going to hate me for this one…

Great! Now I can be like a certain News corporation executive and keep tabs on everyone who’s right outside my door.

Am I that crazy? -Nah. (says my Woot Monkey from across the room)

Resolution is pretty crappy. My friend has this surveillance system installed at his auto shop and the quality is pretty much on par with standard definition. I had trouble making out people’s faces and car’s license plates during the daytime.

anyone know how far you can see clearly on the picture of this system… hoping to hear good things.

Looks promising. Anyone have an experience with the company before?

I purchased a similar zmodo on ebay. The DVR works good, just like a NightOwl. The menu interfase is a little bit slow, but it works.

The zmodo camera quality was AWFUL! … I plugged other camera brands and the quality was much better.

The remote view is good for iphone and blackberry. (havent tried android).

Its basically impossible to view from a mac, unless you have windows installed.

The netviewer software for windows is really laggy and the quality is not good at all.

Overall, its this is the cheapest surveillance system I found on the net, however i think its not intended for important surveillance. Works for me just to see whats going on.

Good luck buyers.

beware of your landlord buying this and then needing to do some maintenance in your apartment… ha ha

found it on the manufacturer’s site:

well, its the closest they have as this exact model seems to be discontinued.

These are a real pain in the ass to setup and once you do, the picture is awful anyways. Also theres no hard drive.

Is it possible to get a much longer cord, or extentions for the cameras?

you can go on ebay or some other electronic sites to get extentions up to 100’ I believe

Yes, my reading comprehension is decent, thank you Woot! Now, my taste in deal-a-day sites on the other hand…

Awwwwwwwwwww. :frowning:

Can you plug a few of these cameras into the next woot-off so I can see what items are coming up next?

couldn’t resist!


Hey, its a starter kit to making your very own Truman show!

Extra points for Capt. Picard reference, Miss Thighs. :slight_smile: +10