Zmodo Wireless Two-Way Audio HD Cameras

Zmodo Wireless Two-Way Audio HD Cameras

4 Power Controls ? What is meant by this and how do they run ;?i.e. 110 plug or battery ?

The photo shows four cameras AND four AC power adapters (i.e. “wall warts”). That seems to be self-explanatory.

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But how can you really be sure those power adapters are for the cameras? :smile:

Interesting warranty at the bottom:

Sooo… 30 day warranty

Should we be suspect of the same price for new as the “renewed” ones here on Amazon?

Better double check that security seal folks.

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A helpful review from Amazon:

The good: The cameras work great! Set-up was easy and the picture quality is more than acceptable for what I use the cameras for. When used on motion detection only they use very little data. They are very light and can honestly be used anywhere they are needed. The power cord isn’t permanently fixed to the camera so I have even used these with external battery packs when needed at remote locations that dont have power.

The bad: Even though one can buy 4 cameras…you have to subscribe each camera to a plan in order to be able to save the recordings when motion is detected. They dont tell you that when you go to the web page…you kinda have to figure it out for yourself. So, while the cameras are a great buy, in my opinion, the data plan for each individual camera makes it kind of expensive to use. You can view the cameras from their main web site…but once again, you have to subscribe to a plan in order to record and save data.


Good remark, are this Brand new?

Yes, these are new. We have started helping Amazon move some of their inventory. On those items, since we were not the original buyers, we can’t offer a warranty but we do still offer our 30 day return policy.

Well this makes these cameras virtually useless if you have to pay for a plan for each camera. Wyze is much better.

Arre the camera zwave compatible?

Hi there. Since these are coming from Amazon inventory, I don’t have anyone to ask. Maybe another community member knows.

I’d like the product/ model number, and is this a new product or a refurbished one?

Do you have a model number? I would like to check reviews. Also, how can I get free shipping?

Hi there. These are new. I don’t have a model number but here it is on Amazon:

If you have Amazon Prime, you can get free shipping by logging in using the “Login with Amazon” button.

Can you watch what is currently happening on the camera on a smartphone app? Ex: if I set it up in a baby’s nursery can I watch live what’s going on?

Yes, I have Zmodo cameras which I purchased seperately. They work bettern than the Samsungs I replaced. They pair up with your Wifi, then you get an app for your phone and populate with the cameras that are paired to your Wifi. Then you can get alerts (or not); and as long as your phone has internet connection you can watch whatever each camera is seeing, or go through and view a clip of when the alert was (or would have been) sent. You can choose a monthly fee which allows for the audio operation and more tools to archive, etc previous clips - which I don’t subscirbe to. At this price for 4 I’m tempted to pull the trigger although the 6 I bought seperately cover my property pretty wel…