Zoka Coffee Roasters

What’s your brew of choice?

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is an exceptional light roast. Very forward in its berry taste, with a touch of citrus.

Too bad no decaf. Yes, I know - what’s the point? I love the smell and taste of coffee, but caffeine gives me premature ventricular contractions, so I cannot have much in the way of it. I know there are more people out there like me that can’t do caffeine. :frowning:

We have tea today, too!

I just bought 3 1/2 lbs of coffee!

What’s the half? I keep seeing 16oz bags.

Can someone confirm these are all whole bean? Some specifically say so, others do not.

Wow, these guys have grown. I used to work at a net cafe in Portland back in the early 2000s and we would have someone drive a load Zoka coffee down every couple days.

I remember the first time I drew a shot of espresso after I finally convinced the owner to drop CBI or whatever lame coffee we had. I did a dance of joy as soon as I saw the color and crema.

I haven’t had their coffee in years as the owner moved and closed the shop. (I don’t know of any cafes using Zoka in PDX now). I would have put it up against Stumptown any day… I hope it’s still as good (or better).

Unfortunately, the caffeine in tea also causes PVC’s - I can’t win. :frowning: And tea is good, but coffee is … well … coffee. Even the store brand decaf I have at work is decent when I want that coffee taste and smell. :slight_smile:

If these were 2lb Bags, I would buy a couple. I can get 2.5 bags at a local bulk market for the same price. (we all know there names… bjs etc).

I roast my own.

Is this them? looks like they cleaned up but still. http://www.fda.gov/ICECI/EnforcementActions/WarningLetters/ucm272893.htm

I travel to ES several times per year and a good friend who, along with his brother, own 2 coffee planations always provides me with several pounds of primo beans. Some of the best coffee I have ever tasted.

Did you also click through to the subsequent close-out letter?


ETA – now I see you did. Still, as someone fighting a similar problem at home (eewww) I sympathize even while being grossed out. Critters will get into the weirdest stuff but who know they liked coffee??

It sound horrifying being an FDA inspector… Counting rat crap…

The coffee will not remain fresh. Only buy small amounts that you will use in a week or so. Stale coffee = bad coffee.

Has anyone used this Brand of coffee as their EVERYDAY really good stuff? If so, is it worth the extra price compared to the BJs and Costco house brands or Starbucks? Thanks, Dr. J

I just went to their website and these prices do not sound like a deal. (For example the Siete Estrellas is cheaper on their website.)
Was curious to try them out but I’m not getting the wootability here.

It’s $16.50 on the Zoka site with $5.90 shipping to me.

The Plus deals are select deals of product that we can’t sell on the main sites for various reasons like it being too niche or the small quantities available.

They’re generally good deals in their own right but they’re not going to have the deep discounts that you’re used to seeing on the daily sales. This is due in part to the smaller quantities (i.e. no volume discounts). **In some cases, the deal is improved if you take advantage of the $5 all day shipping. **

As always, we know our wooters are serious consumers and will hunt down the best price available. We expect no less of you.

Hope that helps. Happy shopping!

12oz bags on the website, 16oz bags here.