ehhh…it just looks like a ruffed up bee, I don’t see the “zom” part.

This one doesn’t look very good imo…

Jeeze… just look at all the distress(ing) you’ve gone through!

For those who haven’t read it, the write-up is based on the introduction to the incredible book World War Z by Max Brooks.

I knew this shirt would bee great for puns. Hive just got to think of a good one…

Isn’t lemon just cream with a summer name?

Anything with 6 legs and a striped butt SHOULD be dead… Hate those nasty buggers…GAAAH THEIR IN MY HAIR!!! -runs around barefoot and flailing-

And now I’m going to have that bloody Cranberries song stuck in my skull for the next 24 hours … thanks Woot. -_-

Knock knock!

Who’s there?


Zombees who?

Zombees make honey, and zombees don’t.

Yeah, I went there.

Oh beejebus, could he bee any more bee-at up and still bee abeele to fly (oops, not a bee word!)?

It’s a honey of a design!

This bee looks like it would land on flowers to collect their BRAAAINNSSS…I mean pollen.

Everyone knows the only way to stop a zombee is to remove the wings.

I don’t think it’ll be able to fly with it’s wings all messed up like that…

ah, that’s just what it wants you to think–soon it will be everlastingly too late for you to realize your mistake. mwah ha ha ha ha! >=b


Is this bee the original spelling bee?

I guess this is what has happened to the world’s bee population.

I wouldn’t mind having zombees eating all the annoying bugs, especially silverfish and roaches.

Is that a little dab of ooze on it’s forehead? It needs moooore oooozzze.