I’m allergic to bees, should I bee nervous?

Wearing this shirt will probably get you stung, since it’s yellow and all. But then you’d probably think twice before grabbing that fly swatter or bug repellent.

I mean,

the perfect complement to this shirt would be a yellow jacket.

Where’s a tiny shotgun when you need it?!

needs more zombeeness. colors aren’t quite right. i agree. just looks like a be thats been scrappin

or, of course, a skinsuit…

Gee Woot, I can almost say I have a complete collection of Zombie shirts now, first the slimy covered Pirate zombie… and now this… Zombee…

this will totally help in planning out my zombie plan!

Would have loved to see it eating another bee. Mmm beebrains.

wow, check out the sales by state.

Ok, are you back? Coloradoans reaally like bees. And a couple of people in Cali. Everyone else is haters - beehaters.

Yeah, totally the vibe I got as well. Great book.

Apparently Colorado has a thing for bees. No other states are wooting nearly as much as Colorado.

fwiw, woot often changes tee names. Not that I imagine this is one of those cases, but remember, titles mean nothing if you like or don’t like the tee. If you wouldn’t like the tee without the title, you shouldn’t buy it. If you DO like the tee except for the title, you should buy it. No one else knows the title. Even if this is supposed to be “zombee”.

I feel like this is one of those times where a “real tee” template would double sales. This just feels too bland to support the cartoony “blank” woot uses. On a real shirt, it could look worlds better.

I like bees, they’re my alma mater’s mascot. I’m definitely considering it, though the image definitely looks more like a statement about the dying-bee epidemic moreso than a brain-eating zombie bee. XD

have people stopped subing dailies?

I kinda like the fact that it doesn’t really look like a “ZOMBIE” zomBEE. I like designs that are subtle in nature, visual double entendres.

On first look, it could be interpreted as just a cool looking distressed bee shirt - not much explaining needed. But looking closer, or perhaps baiting someone into asking, THAT’s where the punchline comes in: *yeah… it’s a ZOMbee. *

I’m thinking about getting this one. I bet it will print well, I don’t currently have this color in my closet, AND… (wait for it)… lemon is the new asphalt :slight_smile:

Dead bugs on my chest! Just what I wanted!

(Maybe not.)

I’m getting so tired of everything about zombies…I wish the whole zombie thing would just die. Oh, wait…

It looks like the bees I used to burn with a magnifying glass when I was young…

Nope. The cream is a beige or light tan. The lemon is seriously yellow–of course I don’t know how your monitor shows it, but I can say that mine doesn’t quite do it justice.