*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
Bah! Missed this shirt? To buy it, click here!

Okay, the shirt’s funny enough, but …

… really puts it over the top.

Grats again on another daily, Blair. I liked the Mai Tai shirt much more than this, but the zombie lovers will probably take a swing at it.

in for one, gotta have a zombie shirt or 5 :slight_smile:

So you reject something in the Derby for ‘No Beer’ and yet you sell this? I really don’t get it.

I do think it’s kinda funny, but…

Another zombie shirt? Awesome. Haven’t seen any of these in awhile… <slaps forehead>

This is actually better than the derby winners last week! I will sleep on it, but I may pick this one up. I thought there was a “no beer” rule on here, but apparently not?

hahaha, this is funny… maybe not my style, but i would laugh if i saw someone wearing it… I’m going to sit on it for a bit, maybe later…

Pretty Ghoulish and something to wear at the bar and pick up some undead!

Hmmm… I like zombies but i don’t drink…

i freakin love love zombies…this shirt is sick =D im definatly in for one.

Gosh darneet, german boyfriend who likes zombies. Curses, I’m gonna play the good girlfriend role here. 8C

ah, freaking love this shit man. Great work

I was in the same predicament too, however I went in anyway cause i’ve been jonesin’ for a woot.

This shirt is perfect for the bar on two holidays… St. Patrick’s just because the shirt is green and Halloween for the Zombie. What more could you ask for 10 bucks? In for one.

Never wooted a shirt before, but this one seems likely to be my first. Maybe that’s because I’m a major hophead though.


Check out Furious if you’re in MN or maybe Chicagoland.

/plug for fav beer

I love the hell out of Mai Tai, Blair, but I’m really not feelin’ this one. Nearly 40 weeks of the same boring zombie shirt has made me really not care about them.

Sweet Zombies and Beer I can’t think of a better shirt. And I’m actually seeing it before it’s sold out. Yeah I got one.

Hubby wants. Micro brews are extremely popular here in Wa. so its a double winner for him.