Zombie Candycorn

Blue doesn’t seem zombieish, shouldn’t they be gray? Or at the very least some form of green color?

A+++ artist write-up. Would lol again.

Way to hit 2 in one blow, woot…

lmao at the author bio!

i think im gonna be at the cemetery today… looking at the ground in disappointment.

oh wait, thats normal.

Really, really funny artist write-up.

Grats Fable.

Oh hey! I got first sucker! :smiley:
I’m so happy I could eat some candy corn.

Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead” would beg to disagree.

loving the artist description for the shirt (:

I’ve been anxiously awaiting this shirt all day! Its now 1am where I am and I can happily say I have bought one and am off to bed with overnight shipping! :smiley:

This is complete sacrilege and very pre-emptive…but I have a feeling this could be the new BATS!.

Oh, do you think today’s shirt will arrive by Halloween if you live in PA and selected standard shipping?

Well, this confirms what I knew all along. The only good candy corn is the orginal orange. The weird new colors are evil mutants, undead, and perhaps growing mold because they’ve been around for way too long.

I sense a theme of cannibalism in fablefire’s work…

Ooh, nevermind. Guess I’m rolling the dice…

Probably not a risk I’d be willing to take, though my last shirt made it in record time. (About six days.)

I <3.

& I 8.

Turns out, the only thing that enjoys eating candy corn…is, well, candy corn.

I’m confused. Isn’t Halloween a pagan holiday? Why are all the village and zombie corns running around in a clearly-designated Christian burial ground?