Zombie Glamour Shots


Here’s a fun game! Halloween 2003 my friends and I participated in a haunted house with cobbled together zombie getups. Being in college, the after party of course involved copious amounts of adult beverages. When I got home I plopped down infront of the webcam and proceeded to take upwards of 100 pictures of myself, starting with your generic zombie poses and then degenerating into me posing with every single loose object in my room I could get my hands on.

Well, I recently rediscovered these pictures and uploaded them to my photo album which you can find here:
Zombie Glamour Shots - Halloween 2003

Choose your favorite photos and add some captions and titles to them! I don’t mind if you link to them on here. You’ll also help me out so I can add your comments on the site. (Product endorsements start on page 2. I’m still amazed at just how ridiculous this was and I can’t recall what I was thinking.)






oh, come on. No one like blue as cat pic??


In the amount of time it took you to do that, you could have done his room, too and posted it in the PWA/Misfit environs thread.


Only if his room was an empty hole. I know I spent no time on the chop, but it was a visual gag. Also, I can’t chop.




Are you losing air or is that the sound of another diet coke opening?


Like I said, that was my room in college almost 4 years ago, so…


How about a snap of it today?


Did you know Ms. Blue back then?


Didn’t you see the dancing video?


Yes, 8 years.