Zombie Robots

I don’t think I should have laughed…still glad to see Robbie Lee robots, even in this state

I get it… they are zombie robots, and they are looking for the computer brains, aka CPU’s. Ha!

I wouldn’t even need to see the name to know that I was looking at Robbie Lee robot. I like the retro style of his bots, even when they are half decayed.

Sigh…zombie robots…sigh.

Awww he’s kinda cute!

(I laughed too ._.)
(Now to decide if I should take this opportunity to order a Robbie Lee batch since my Fat Unicorn and Tofu both have holes now noooooo)

Let me guess, it all started with a mysterious virus…

That was essentially my same reaction.

Wouldn’t you call them Rombies? Or maybe Zobots?

Do Zombie Robots take Megabytes out of your CPU?

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