Zombie Season

Hmm… Can’t see the shirt!

The zombies ran away with the shirt again :frowning:


woohoo! =)

nice second one woot woot

no shoes, no shirt, no service!

can we see the shirt please woot? would that be okay?

I want it! post it already!

I want one!

Congrats, Annie!

Looks okay, the color is soso, I’m still deciding.

I DO love zombies though.

has anyone gotten to buy one?

Zombie gotz the WOOT staff?! Oh noozzzzzzzz!!!

Please give dem back der brainz!!!

meh…a bit dorky

It’s not the artists’ fault these shirts suck – this derby was an awful idea. Text on shirts is an awful idea, and it was nearly impossible to avoid text with this one.

YESSSS a shirt i wanted!!


Wait, if we’re ordering the shirt today, why is overnight Tuesday and not Monday?

Okay cool. can I buy now?

I really want this. Is there actually any way to order right now??

I want one? But I can’t. Woot is losing my business, i like sleep.