Zombie Shirts!

Anybody know why “Z” is listed as sold out?

And has a limit of 15…

That part seems to be fixed.

This is still there, though.

Has anybody tried these trifit tanks? How are they?

Wish these were offered in American Apparel. : (

Does anyone know if they ever fixed the printing of “If I Only Had a Brain”? I remember its print didn’t come out any thing like the picture.

OMG, again, no Zombie Garden?!?!?!? My favorite Woot T ever.

Why is “Drains” $18 when I try and buy it? It’s advertised as $15 during this event. What the F?


Cool beans. I was lacking enough zombie shirts in my wardrobe. I’m trying one of the unisex tanks thanks to the $3 off code from the woot off. I really don’t think I’d like the tight cut of the tri-blend style. I hope the unisex fits me well.

took the full 10 business days to ship! Woot? really?

I wore Zombie Hunting today. :slight_smile:

Where the hell is Zombie Garden?!?!

I bought the Kitchen Warfare unisex tank top in small and it was an American Apparel (I don’t know if they changed the information on the shirt, but it shows the same information as the unisex tank tops in this sale) tank top that was very long in the waist (you could wear it as a nightie or LBD if you were 5’4" or below) and a bit low in the arm holes to wear sports bras with.

I am going to give the tri-blend a shot in medium so I’ll have a neat tank top to run in.

the last cupcake really should be an apron…

zombie fad please die already :frowning: