Zombie Vampire Robots from Space

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Zombie Vampire Robots from Space [Campy] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Thursday) OR $5 international shipping shipping

1 * Heather Gray Woot Tee

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If this weren’t on a gray shirt, I would have bought one already. Awesome design.

This shirt is incorrect. It is always the blonde chick who is menaced by the intergalactic threat to mankind.


Sorry… first thing I thought of…

There’s nothing funny to say about this shirt. It’s too hilariously cheesy to make fun of. Bravo.

Awww why isn’t there an ellipsis after “robots?” Would have made the shirt so much cooler!

So it would read as follows:

from SPACE!”

Would have been so cash!

and UFOs!

I’ve decided that Woot wants to destroy my bank account with these editor’s choices. Seriously woot, why do you hate me? :frowning:

Coming soon to a theater near you!

The eternal question: Do I spring for overnight shipping so I can wear this to the New Moon screening?

Blood sucking robots? Doesnt make sense

AHHH not the zombie vampire robots!

I think the red would’ve been a better choice from that derby, but I’ll still buy one, regardless.

Congrats! Go pulp B-Movie T-shirts!!

Wait. Vampires drink blood. Blood is a liquid. Robots don’t fare well with liquid.

This makes me feel like my world is coming apart at the seams…


Do you have to shoot them in the head with an exploding wooden bullet that unleashes an EMP blast to kill them?

Nevermind the fact that you can’t be a vampire AND a zombie at the same time. Unless a vampire is just a more advanced form of zombie… omg

mind blows

Love…first, buy shirt, then make the MOVIE! Finally, a plan I can wear.