Zombie Vampire Robots from Space

Zombies, Vampires, and Robots, oh my!

Just relax and imagine Bruce Campbell wearing this shirt…

Somebody is a Philip DeFranco fan…

sure it does. They use it for lubrication

Oh gosh, I’m not gonna even start on this one…

All this shirt needs is a couple of ninjas and it would be so full of win that the Earth might implode.

No wait, the Earth imploding would be a fairly major fail.

Carry on then.

Us redheads need a good beat down sometimes too!

Preferred the red one, I’m afraid, but 'grats on the print.

So when does this hit theatres, and where can I buy my advance ticket?

GAH! It’s a quadruple threat!

Of course it does; they already eat old people’s medicine for fuel.

Also, I agree with the no-thank-you-grey sentiment.

You humans mock us intergalactic Zombie Robot Vampires with your silly shirts and ironic slogans. Ah, Woot, you shall rue the day you printed this. You will rue it!

When I seen Editors choice, I just pass without looking at the shirt…

well today I looked at the shirt and I havent changed my mind.

Yeah, ever kill a robot before? They are filled with all kinds of liquids… oil, lubricants, radioactive ooze… it’s even messier than killing organisms!

Interesting. I find that EC’s are usually leagues better than Derby prints, and this recent batch has been no exception.

this is the first thing I thought of too, except they’re not sporting swastikas

They don’t have pyrokinesis? What the hell is the matter with those zombie vampire robot pirates from space?

WHAT? They’re not PIRATES?

Screw you guys, I’m going home.

I find the probability that a foreign force would invade earth, have the technology to suck blood while maintaining a robot body, and yet still be a zombie EXTREMELY LOW, but nevertheless if it ever happened we’d all be royally screwed.

How can you kill a vampire if it has a mechanical body!?

Totally bummed out that the EC went with the heather grey instead of the red version :frowning: The design is WONDERFUL (up there with Seeduvpain’s Death Rain), but I’m really going to have to do some thinking about it.
Congrats on the print, you completely deserved it!

I think this is the kind of rare design that works well on most colors, though. Red was definitely better, but heather grey doesn’t really detract, methinks.

First post QP!