Zombie Vampire Robots from Space

You have to drive a stake through its CPU.



This would make a great movie! The kind that’s supposed to be scary, but you laugh instead of scream. Campy not creepy.

I’m so excited about this shirt. Sure the red looked a little better, but this design is too ridiculous to not love.

I will inflict the zombievampirerobots on EVERYBODY! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!

if they could have them they would lol defranco nation

the editor’s choices are always so much better than the derby winners

So true.


You’re giving horrible advice for the zombie apocalypse.

For one going shirtless will increase how cold you are, and thus slow you down.

Not to mention you need some sort of protection, some light armor would be ideal. Going shirtless just makes you an easy target. Exposed skin is bad.

Also if you survive having a bloodied t-shirt will be an awesome reminder of what you went through.

But no, never go shirtless, sorry.

Oh, I think it looks absolutely wonderful on the heather grey shirt.
It’s just that the I know that the heather grey shirt does not look wonderful on me. :frowning:

I think it has a lot to do with the editors choosing them, and not the general public.

EC shirts rarely sell well.

It’s an odd business this site is.

woot kills teh bank account with these shirts. im going to start budgeting 50-80 dollars a month just for woot shirts… =[

This is actually the new villain in Dr. Who. It was the best they could come up with after the departure of Russel T. Davies.

Oh shirt woot. You had me at zombie… <3<3<3

Bender would disagree with you on that one. He does quite ok with the liquid indulgences :slight_smile:

The world needs more zombie shirts to spread awareness of the eventual coming plague.

I’m glad woot is doing their part. If we can save even on additional life today, it’ll be a success.

Grabbed my first shirt in almost 6 months. Nice choice woot! Very excited for this one.

I say it has everything to do with it.

My thoughts exactly. I like the design, but I don’t like the gray shirts at all.

Usually when I love a shirt and it doesn’t win in the derby, I resign myself to the fact I can never have it.

Well today I looked at the shirt and it totally blew my mind. My extreme disappointment at this shirt not being a derby print was washed away.

Red or gray, bought today.