Zombies Chase Me

IS this on the front or the back… If it’s on the back I’m in!!

This reminds me of Dresden… he doesn’t jog to have a healthy lifestyle, he jogs because he has to run away from things a lot XD

Expect this to be plastered over hundreds at the next Zombie Walk…

They’ll be the ones who couldn’t run fast enough. lol

Runnnn…runnnn…run away!!!

Logic dictates: It is shown on the front of the tshirt. Therefore, it’s going to print on the front.

I don’t have to outrun the zombies. I just have to outrun you.


If I wear this underneath today’s shirt, would that mean both a T-Rex and zombies need to be chasing me? Or maybe a T-Rex chasing zombies chasing me? Would a T-Rex even eat zombies? These are clearly important questions to ponder…

True story.

Perfect shirt to wear when doing Zombies, Run! runs.

Woot, please start making tech shirts. I would buy this and many others in a heart beat.

The problem with wearing this for a run is the simple fact that cotton blows for running.

Daryl is considering one of these…

This shirt is perfect because it would take zombies chasing me to get me to run. And sadly, probably not for long. Dang you, zombies.

I’m so tired of these crappy “nerd culture” designs.

What happened to the golden era of shirt.woot???

What happened to the robot eating lightning? To designs like “Nevermore”?

All we get these days are played out pop culture references.

I have a 5k I am running in early June, perhaps I should pick one up and see how many comments I get.

Last year I wore one by Walmazan with a guy wearing a contraption with bacon instead of a carrot dangling in front.

Speak for yourself, ohh wait you are.

Perfect for when playing Zombies, Run!

I’m sure many will agree with me here, zombies are the ONLY thing that are going to get me to run! Thanks for printing this, woot! I can’t wait to wear it and not run. :slight_smile: