ZOMM Wireless Bluetooth Cellphone Leash

Unfortunately, 0ver 40% of the 300+ reviews of this on Amazon,…were way less than stellar.

Bought this the last time it was on Woot and it is completely worthless and a total waste of money. There’s no app for iPhone and Zomm has ignored all attempts to contact. Stay far far away from this piece of garbage.

I thought that Zomm was out of business and this product an unsupported orphan.

Has that changed?

When I got one of these a few years ago I thought it was a decent product in need of some tweaks. But now that Zomm’s out of business I haven’t been able to change the settings, since it can only be done via Zomm’s web site and one’s account on it, and the site is now gone.

Is the site back up, or is there another way to change the settings?

If not, then Woot needs to yank this product immediately as it’s useless without any way to change the settings. Selling an unsupported product made by a company that no longer exists is fraud, especially if that caveat isn’t explicitly made clear.

Just went to the Zomm website and it seems to be up and functional now.