ZOMM Wireless Leash for Cellphones w/Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

Woot has done it again with their buying power! Get a ZOMM Wireless Leash that works with all phones that have Bluetooth to: 1. Never lose your phone with an out of range alarm. 2. Emergency dialing with one button press to 911 or any number the user programs. 3. Answers calls and talk hands free. 4. Find your keys, all at a fraction of retail. PLUS, they also include a ZOMM Safe Driving Kit with a custom visor clip to talk hands free in your car, a USB car charger and a quick release key chain at no charge!

We are here to support and answer any questions until end of sale or while supplies last. Happy shopping!

3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/ZOMM-Wireless-Bluetooth-Speakerphone-Black/dp/B003N3J6BU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1375133636&sr=8-2&keywords=zomm+wireless+leash

Seems like it would be something good for the elderly or people who constantly lose their phones (and are careful with electronics!)

Hi ladyoftheword. The ZOMM Wireless Leash is useful to anyone who has a tendency to leave their phone behind. In addition, it works as a fully functional hands-free speakerphone and can place an emergency call with the press of a button.

OK, but what about when I’ve lost my phone and my keys?

If you have an Android phone, using the myZOMM Android app the phone will alert you when you leave your keys behind.

When the Wireless Leash is attached to your keys and you leave both your keys and your phone behind, there will be no alarms. If this is a worry, you could attach the Wireless Leash to a belt loop or otherwise keep it on your person instead of your keys. This would ensure that at you receive an alert when you have left your phone behind regardless of whether you also forgot your keys.


a relative sent me this question. maybe you can help:
“what keeps the device from accidentally calling 911 (or the other programmed numbers) if something presses against it?”

There are a few things that help to prevent accidental calls to 911 with the Wireless Leash. First, the Z-button is recessed to protect against accidentally becoming pressed down in a pocket or purse. Second, the Z-button must be held down for 9 seconds to place the emergency call. Third, the emergency call is only placed after a 3-second Panic Alarm. If you hear a loud Panic Alarm and you don’t want to call 911, unpress the Z-button. Finally, you can always change the emergency number from 911 to any other phone number using the myZOMM software.

I’m kind of speechless at how well-planned all that is. Clearly, someone along the line pointed out that Aunt Betty might let this thing sit at the bottom of her purse, where it might accidentally butt-dial (so to speak) 911, and came up with more than one hurdle to prevent such an awkward occurrence.

Nice work, ZOMM!

way too many 1 star reviews. almost as many negative reviews as positive ones. and charging every 3 or 4 days? no thanks.


Many people don’t know that Amazon keeps all reviews since a product’s inception. For us, that was 2010. Since 2010, ZOMM has made several improvements and many firmware and software updates (all FREE for ZOMM customers), that have solved many 1 star review concerns.

This product won a Best of Innovation award at the world’s largest technology show (CES), competing against some of the world’s leading technology products.

We are very proud of what ZOMM has evolved into over the past three years and continue to hold customer satisfaction as our #1 priority.

Thank you for your comment.

Perhaps when you incorporate new and significant improvements you should designate it on Amazon and elsewhere with a new model number and name and perhaps a change in complimentary color on the product itself.

I was considering buying two of these and now am reluctant to do so not because I fault you for the improvements but rather that you didn’t think through how to have a new and improved model be able to garner reviews on its own without being incorporated into an overall product history. Shortsighted. You may have overlooked other things relating to tech and performance as well.

Good points, however, instead of making our current customers feel like they had to buy the “new and improved” model, we chose to offer free updates to fix problems and build customer loyalty. So far, response has been very good.

I bought this the last time Woot had a sale on it, for my dad, who’s getting on in years and was thinking about getting one of those Life Alert things just in case. This seems almost as good, but without the monthly fees.

However, he hasn’t had the time (read: patience) to sit down and have me explain it to him yet, so I’ve been mainly using it as a Bluetooth car speaker, which works really well. It doesn’t do voice dialing (as far as I can tell), so you still have to place a call with your phone (receiving a call is easy–just tap the button once). But the sound is clear on both ends.

I’ve also played around with the alarm and emergency dialing, and both worked well (I set the emergency # to another phone, not 911, for now). I do wish there was a way to set the time needed to press the button to place an emergency call, as 9 seconds could be too much in a real emergency. Perhaps they’ll add that in a future firmware revision.

Haven’t really used the locate/missing keys feature, as I haven’t needed to. Although, I can see an excellent use for a simpler version of this device that you could have your kids carry around on a lanyard or bracelet to alert you if they’ve wandered too far away or you’ve forgotten them in a car seat.

I might get another one for my mom.

We’re glad your first Wireless Leash has worked out for you. If you need any help setting it up for your father, feel free to contact ZOMM customer service (support.zomm.com) and we’d be happy to assist.

With a firmware update, the time the Z-button must be held down to place an emergency call has been contracted from 15 seconds to 9 in order to address concerns like yours, but still prevent accidental calls to 911.

The current Wireless Leash can work to keep track of kids. When used with the Android app, your phone will alert you whenever the Wireless Leash is taken out of range. Just attach it to your kids and you’ll know if they get too far away.