ZOMM Wireless Leash for Cellphones w/Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

ZOMM has three main features: 1. Connects to your phone via bluetooth and if you ever accidentally leave your phone at home, work, the movies, a restaurant or in a cab, ZOMM vibrates, lights up, then sounds an alarm, reminding you to go back and get it. 2. If you ever need emergency assistance, just press the center button on ZOMM and call police, fire or ambulance. Once connected you can use ZOMM as a speaker phone and describe what’s wrong. You can also put a custom number in ZOMM that dials your parents, kids or a friend (no monthly fees). 3. Use as a speaker phone with a noise canceling microphone to answer calls at home, the office or in your car WITH the custom ZOMM safe driving kit included in this special sale.

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Could I pair this with a Macbook Pro or and iPad that has Bluetooth and be alerted when they no longer are connected?

Does the device work on the principle that when it has lost connection with the Bluetooth device it is paired to, it sounds an alarm?

How can I determine how much charge is in the battery?

Is the battery replaceable?

Looks like the FAQ addresses some of my questions.


The Wireless Leash’s rechargeable lithium ion battery is built-in and cannot be replaced. Attempting to change the battery will void your warranty. The battery should last several years with normal use and operation.

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Is it possible to connect more than one of these devices to an Apple Macbook Pro and then have them alert if separated from the machine? How about more than one connected to an Apple iPhone?

I am thinking of using these for the three dogs that I have; one device per dog.

Hi Kurtois,

The Wireless Leash can connect to any mobile device that supports Bluetooth, which includes the iPad. If your computer supports the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP), the Wireless Leash should be able to connect to it. However, it may not connect with all computers.

Yes, when the Bluetooth connection is lost, the alarm is triggered. When you take the Wireless Leash outside the Bluetooth range of your device, it will alarm.

The ZOMM will say “battery low” when it needs to be charged. It will repeat every half hour.

The battery can take hundreds of full charge cycles (plugging in when half charged would be half a cycle), before there is any loss of charge at all. It can be used for years without noticeable battery degradation. The battery is not replaceable.

The answer to your question depends on the mobile device or computer to which you are connecting.

iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPad, can be connected to up to two Bluetooth hands-free devices at a time. This means that you can connect two ZOMM Wireless Leashes to any iOS device at the same time.

This may or may not be the case with your computer. You would have to test by attempting to connect two Bluetooth hands-free devices to it.

A wireless leash for your wireless leash.

Any chance you could perform this testing on an Apple computer at your disposal? The answer would be helpful to me and others (and maybe sell more Zomm devices?).

I might be a little confused, but if it sounds the alarm if the device is not near it…then does the alarms just go off non-stop when you get out of your car to go into the store or do you have to “disconnect” your device manually before you get out to keep it from just sounding the alarm the whole time? In other words, how does it know if the device is left at the restaurant accidentally or if it is at the restaurant with you?

Hi traquy,

The ZOMM Wireless Leash is most typically attached to a key chain. Whenever you leave your phone behind (and get more than 30 feet away), the Wireless Leash will alarm to let you know.

When triggered, the Leash alarm will sound for 30 seconds before it is cancelled. A tap of the Z-button will also cancel the alarm.

When within Bluetooth range (when you have your phone and keys with you), there will be no alarm.

If you intend to leave your Wireless Leash or your keys behind for any reason and take your phone, or vise versa, simply turn the Wireless Leash off (hold down Z-button for 1 beep). When you turn it back on, it will reconnect to your mobile phone.

The quick-release keychain - part of the Safe Driving Kit - lets you use the visor clip for hands-free calls while driving, but still easily reattach the Wireless Leash to your keys to take it with you.

I guess my question was overlooked.

Hi Kurtois,

We’ve been doing some testing and research since you asked your question and it appears that only one Bluetooth hands-free device at a time can be connected to a Macbook with the latest OSX version. You could connect up to two Wireless Leashes to an iPhone or iPad, attach them to your dogs and, when they get too far away, the Wireless Leashes will alarm.

How long do you have to push the button for the 9-11 feature to activate? Or, alternatively, can you turn the 9-11 feature off? I’m just worried that with it sitting in a crowded purse, I’d be calling the coppers all the time.

Hi teacupsquid,

With the latest update, pressing and holding the Z-button for a total of 9 seconds (through a 3-second Panic Alarm), will trigger the emergency call. The Wireless Leash will say “dialing emergency assistance” before placing the call.

Using the myZOMM software on your computer, you can customize the emergency number of the Wireless Leash to any phone number. It is not possible to completely deactivate, but you can ensure that you do not call the police.

I appreciate you taking the time to test out my idea. Thank you.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

I read a review elsewhere that you need Zomm leash plus for the iPhone app to work. Is this true?

Yes, the iPhone app will only work with a plus, but the product in this WOOT sale will work with any phone, including iPhones.