ZOMM Wireless Leash for Cellphones

Woot has done it again offering the lowest price on the ZOMM Wireless Leash, ever! ZOMM easily connects to your phone via blue tooth and if you accidentally leave your phone behind, ZOMM will vibrate, light up and sound an alarm, reminding you to go back and get it. ZOMM also serves as a panic button to call for help, dialing 911 or a friend at the touch of a button with no monthly fees. Lastly, use ZOMM to answer calls and talk with its speaker phone and built in noise-cancelling microphone. Enjoy!

This video review was helpful to me:


Zomm works with my phone (HTC/Droid DNA), but the sound quality sucks. The phone calls I’ve had were very muffled and muddy sounding. Otherwise not a terrible product

I bought one of these a while back on Woot and found it to be basically useless. Sounded like a great idea, but
–it needed to be charged daily; easy enough to do when driving, but that wasn’t a long enough time
–it was forever losing its connection to my phone for no obvious reason

I wanted it mainly to find my phone when I’d put it down in some obscure place. I never used it for a hands-free phone connection so I can’t comment on how well it works for that.

incredible disappointment… so weak I couldn’t hear…

Yes, agree with video review. It shows how to turn ZOMM up or down on phone to control volume and quality of speakerphone.

Please turn speakerphone volume up on ZOMM with the volume controls on your phone, when connected to ZOMM and on a call. ZOMM will retain the last setting, so you only have to do this once.

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Please charge ZOMM for 4 hours before first usage. If ZOMM has weak charge, it will have difficulty maintaining a connection. If charge does not last for 3 days, please connect with customer support at http://support.zomm.com.
If we can not troubleshoot, we will replace. Thank you.

I don’t understand what these even are. The product description is not at all edifying.

tl;dr: connects via bluetooth to your phone, you attach it to your keys and it’ll beep when your phone’s too far away. It also acts as a speaker for your phone & an emergency button.

That price doesn’t include the car kit, right? Tanga has the ZOMM (in white, pink and purple) and car kit for $19.99 with $3.99 shipping. That’s cheaper than Woot if you want the clip.

Woot has the lowest ZOMM recognized price available on the Wireless Leash

Let me try again. Does the $14.99 price include the car visor clip?

The point is that, while Woot may have the lowest price on the leash itself, if you want the leash AND clip, it appears that there’s a better price elsewhere (after shipping).

As for a “ZOMM recognized price”, did Tanga steal them from your warehouse or something?

I bought 2 of these over a year ago… they did not work like they were supposed to. Tried repeatedly to dl software from ZOMM, it never worked. Really expensive key chain. :confused:

Has there been an update since?

Please read about updates and customization here: http://support.zomm.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List/Index/122/updates-and-customization

If you’re having trouble please contact our customer support here: http://support.zomm.com

Thank you.

I bought one of these when they first came out (or at least when I saw it on Shark Tank). It did not work for me, as advertised. I returned it.
That being said, I paid nearly $50 for it. Had it been $15 I’d have probably kept it.

Received this a few days ago & it does not work! Will not charge at all, will not turn on when plugged in. I checked the Zomm support page, they recommended resetting the device & that did not work either. Totally disappointed in this product! What a waste of $!

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing problems with your order and were unable to find a resolve with the manufacturer.

If you haven’t already, please email into support@woot.com and let them know.

If you wish, please fill out a support ticket at support.zomm.com and if we can not remedy the problem, we will replace. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.