ZOMM Wireless Leash for Cellphones

Is it me, or do these look like Birth Control Pill holders?
When you open them up, they have the day of the week you’re suppose to take?

Yes, can be used as birth control, but not to hold pills…

Glad to be selling on WOOT again! If we can help in any way, please let us know.

read comments from prior sales before buying.

I bought a ZOMM through Woot a couple of weeks back.

My recommendation: DON’T BUY IT!

I purchased it based on all of its features. And, if they all would work flawlessly, I’d be giving it a 5* rating.

I bought it for my daughter so she could have a way to keep up with her phone, the alarm and one-button 911 capability, plus the ability for her to be able to answer her phone and hold a conversation while she’s driving.

The last feature is where the ZOMM falls way short. After watching a YouTube video, I felt the speaker was up to par. However, after testing it firsthand, myself nor my daughter where able to hear it clearly and loud enough. In order to hear it, I had to hold the ZOMM close to my ear. Even if I eliminated all the background noise, I wasn’t able to hear it at the normal distance from the car ignition to the driver’s seat.

I sent an email to ZOMM directly addressing my concerns. I still have to hear from them.

$20 down the drain!

There is a reason they sell the driving kit…for the same reason all car manufactures put the built-in BT mic near/on/next to the sun visor of the driver.

Think it through, think it through

BTW - Read up on the “It Can Wait” campaign. Save your kids life.

can you use it in reverse to find your keys if lose them?

Crud! We bought 3, for each child. I guess we made a mistake after watching 2 you tube reviews that seemed ok. Wish we could cancel the order and your review was up b4 we did place the order.

Too late. :frowning: We bought 3 for the kids. :frowning:

I did buy the car kit with that you mentioned in mind. I tried placing the ZOMM on the visor with same results. That is why I mentioned that one would have to be under no background noise conditions in order to hear the speaker. We all know that once road and traffic noise was added, my daughter’s ability to hear anything loud and clear through the small speaker would have been diminished significantly.

To address your comment on the “It Can Wait” campaign. We don’t make it a habit to call our daughter when we know she’s driving to or from a location. Nowadays, kids are more willing to text than call. That said, we do not encourage nor condone answering the phone or texting while she’s driving.

We live in a crazy world, so that is why I take measures to keep my children safe and aware of the hazards and dangers at all times.

One thing we do, is to time the estimated travel time from one location to another and add 5 minutes. When that time expires, if I we have not received a text or call from her, we call her so we know she’s safe and sound. Hence, why I wanted the BT capability of the ZOMM.

I do this, because it’s extremely important to have a point of origin, destination, and to establish a timeline. This helps law enforcement immensely when it comes to mile radius, timelines, direction of travel, etc.

As you see, I have my kids’ safety in mind. There are other dangers besides texting and driving as well.

The speaker should work fine, as we tested in a convertible with the top down and could still carry on a conversation. The built in noise-cancelling microphone allowed the person on the other end to hear us talk with minimal background noise.
Just as a reminder, please charge the device for 4 hours before using the first time as instructed in the quick start guide that was shipped with this product, otherwise the features will suffer in performance.
Thank you

Yes, if ZOMM is connect to your keys, just turn off bluetooth on your phone and the alarm on ZOMM will sound off, leading you to your keys.

I like how ZOMM addresses comments posted in here w/o really ADDRESSING them.

The ZOMM I received was charged for 4 hours. In fact, it was charged for longer than that. I downloaded the upgrades and everything that the manual said to do.

And why not address the fact that no one from ZOMM has replied to my email? Not even the ZOMM rep in this forum could do that.

Is it because other reviews found on line highlight the same problem with the speaker?

It’d have been nice if ZOMM would have replied, either here or through email, and said: We’ll replace or fix the defective unit.


I won’t get in a debate with your parenting skills as it’s not my place to judge (and I wasn’t), however, there are two comments in your blog that really is concerning. I will just speak to them and delete the rest. OK?

I hope the comment above was just mis-typed. I hope you most definitely condemn texting while she is driving. I don’t think I even need to elaborate on that one. So I’ll assume you meant otherwise.

The second quote is a problem. A large percentage of accidents from kids using their phones actually involve your behavior as it creates anxiety for the kid and forces behavior unbecoming of a responsible driver. If you have the leash and collar that tight, you need to re-read teenage accidents while texting and driving. (additionally, phone usage). Think about family map, or Google locater, or find my iPhone.

I hope not only you and your kids stay safe but those around you too. Driving is a learned skill, and phone usage while driving is one that is rarely mastered.

Why on Earth would you want someone to CONDONE texting while driving?!!! I certainly do not. I’m with glaicius on this, as I believe the rest of us are.

I would, however, CONDEMN the practice of texting while driving.

A victim of my own spell checker. Thanks :slight_smile:

I really don’t get the point of your reply, but ok.

I meant CONDONE as in we don’t allow it. Not just for her safety, but the safety of others while she’s on the road. As far as your “leash that tight” comment, I have to have to just shake my head on that.

Obviously, you misunderstood it completely. Our daughter’s don’t turn into a nervous wreck thinking that they will be in trouble if they don’t answer back or similar. If she can’t call or text us back that is ok. We just ask for them to employ safety measures and they fully understand that. I can guarantee you that my kids are more aware of their surroundings and more prepared to respond adequately to a threat than your average adult. Probably, you included.

You mentioned iPhone locator, Google locator, etc. I hope you are well aware that while somewhat helpful, those are only tools. As any tool, it has the potential to malfunction.

You may think I’m paranoid, or as you said, have the “leash and collar too tight”. I rather live and have my kids in a constant state of awareness. I prepare and train my kids not only to be safe on the road, but to be ready when that Fight or Flight moment comes.

You are right in one thing. I won’t get into a parenting skills debate. I have said what I needed to say. All I know is that I’ve done everything within my power to prevent the possibility of my kids’ picture from ending up on a milk carton.

We must go through the process of ensuring all precautions were taken to troubleshoot the problem first. ZOMM has hundreds of thousands of these devices on the market that are performing wonderfully. Our product is backed by a manufacturer’s warrantee and will be replaced if it fails to perform to specifications. Please email support@zomm.com to arrange a remedy to your problem. Thank you and we’re sorry if you received a device that did not perform to specifications.

My recommendation: DON’T BUY IT!

the first time i dropped my keys the zomm busted in to a 1000000 pieces.