ZOMM Wireless Leash for Cellphones

These did not live up to expectations when I bought them the last time I saw them on Woot. Connection was wonky, it’s bulky on the keychain and in the pocket, and if you forget to move it to the visor clip, forget about having a conversation with anyone while driving, and even then, the background noise was pretty bad. I also constantly forgot to charge it, so it was never ready when I needed it. Kind of a wonder I found all of the other issues, really.

All the links to ZOMM’s website aren’t working, nor is their home page. Are they still in business?

Maybe they were doing maintenance when you checked, but the website it up and running now.

With iPhones the Bluetooth pairing works and you will get an alarm if you get too far away from the phone, but you have to get the Wireless Leash PLUS for the iPhone app to work. There is an Android app for the Wireless Leash.

I bought two of these and they fell apart over time. Make sure you keep all warranty info so you can get a replacement.

DO NOT BUY! The functions work as claimed except for the BT speaker. it’s horrible. The only way to hear the person calling you is if you pull to the side of the road and turn your vehicle off.

Tech support is almost non existent as well. I still yet to hear from them. Even when a rep was answering questions the last time these were offered here, she didn’t even address my concerns or issues.

That tells you that the problem I experienced is a common complaint and since it’s post production, there is no fixing it.

Waste of $. I can not even use it as a paperweight.

Bought this as a half gag gift for my girlfriend who kept loosing her phone/keys. Even though it was half as a joke, the device is so terrible it wasn’t even worth the joke. App for it is awkward, speaker/mic on it is worst than what your phone has already in it and syncing or unsyncing it is annoying when you want to use or not use it.

Please don’t purchase it if you want to actually use it. (Side note if you want to use it to test the range of custom bluetooth leash devices it can be useful as it does function as a annoying alarm that goes off. It could be used to baseline 2.1 technology to your device’s range.)

Please charge for 4 hours before first use, as this will effect the speaker functionality. If the volume is too low, please adjust on your phone during a conversation and ZOMM will remember last settings. This device is covered by our 1 year manufacturer’s warrantee. Thank you.

Please note, charge the unit for 4 hours before first use, as stated in the user’s manual. Then, adjust the volume on your phone during a call made with ZOMM and ZOMM will remember those settings. We have people who actually turn the volume down because it’s too loud. Much work has gone into this function to make it work well. Thank you

Yes, we are still in business and all links work. Thank you.

250 reviews on Amazon averaging only 3 of 5 stars. Plus a potential issue where the Zomm leash prevents other Bluetooth devices from connecting.

Not encouraging.


Bluetooth connections are determined by your phone, not ZOMM. iPhone allows more than one at a time, some of the others don’t.

Amazon ratings are gathered from all iterations and throughout product development. Whenever a bug pops up, we fixed it. The beauty of ZOMM is that you can update iterations for free in lieu of buying a new unit. Hope you give it a try.

Yes, I have tried everything under the sun that tech support has suggested.

As I have stated. The problem can not be fixed. Based on numerous reviews found on-line, this must be a production defect and therefore no amount of tech support can fix it. Just admit it. Your company dropped the ball on this one and if it’s not the case, then, QC was non existent.

There are other options out there that work much better. My wife currently has a watch option that not only calls 911, and a third phone number, but it also sends text with GPS coordinates that I can immediately look up through Google maps on my Android.

It’s not cheap, but one can not place a value on safety.

We respectfully disagree. Months of product design went into resolving any issues and we have many satisfied customers.

Did you download the latest firmware version via the MyZOMM portal on our website?

If you have tried those things and are still not satisfied, please send your unit back and we will test for product defects. If found defective, we will send you another at no charge as this would be covered under our 1 year manufacturer’s warrantee - assuming you purchased within the last 12 months.

Thank you.

The bluetooth issue may have been one incident, or operator error, I’ll give you that.

The amazon reviews have words, though. A number of them from the last six months mention defective units, even with hours of charging. Is it possible that people aren’t aware of these updates and how to get them or check for them?

Yes, you are right. In this information age and the speed at which information flows, it’s difficult to communicate everything you would like to everyone you would like to reach. We’ve posted FAQ’s, sent emails and tried other sources, but not everyone is reached. That’s disappointed to us because of our desire to offer a great product.

We had one sale whereas a large portion of the buyers were not removing the clear plastic cover from the back of the unit that covered the speaker. We then received reviews that our speaker was horrible. When we received some of the units back for testing and repair, we observed that the clear plastic cover had never been taken off in the first place. Amazing!

Thank you for your responses as this makes us better. Have a great weekend.