ZOMM Wireless Leash for Cellphones

Looks like ZOMM is out of business.

Its website has been down for at least two or three months. All links, even those I found on a web search are dead.

Contrary to the SPECS, you can NOT customize your ZOMM by going to http://my.zomm.com as the link is “NOT FOUND”.

Furthermore, the ZOMM app is NOT available for iPhones.

BTW, I read somewhere this was a Shark Tank funded startup. I believe it probably failed due to competitors’ products having longer battery life. Its short battery life makes for bad reviews.

Of course the reviewers miss that it is a small fraction of the size and cost of its competitors.

We have three of them from a previous event. I HIGHLY recommend it. There is no need to customize it. I never got around to looking at the PC website, and by the time I did it was shut down.

It has saved me several times when my phone fell out of my pocket while at the gym, and my ZOMM alerted me as I started to depart.

The battery lasts us about 2 weeks, but we are retired and only turn it on when we leave the house.

I can not speak to how long the battery would last if turned on before leaving for work and left on 8-9 hours or more. It is bluetooth wireless, so whenever it is on it is communicating with its paired device (your cell phone).

However, it is a very small battery so it charges very quickly, less than 30 minutes.

Our site is up and has never been shut down. We are still in business with many satisfied customers. If having trouble, please email support@zomm.com. Thank you.

http://www.zomm.com does bring up the page.
But none of the links seem to work. Definitely needs some work to be a more professional web page.

Please reset cache and try the link again. This may help as well: http://support.zomm.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/1882/122/how-to-customize-and-update-your-zomm

Thank you