ZOMM Wireless Leash For Cellphones

Woot has done it again. With their purchasing power, they bring you ZOMM at the lowest prices ever just in time for Christmas. You get a ZOMM wireless leash, charging cable, safe driving kit (ZOMM visor clip, car charger and quick-release keychain) and a quick start guide all backed by ZOMM’s 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. This combination retails for $109.98, and you get it for just $19.99. This combination is not sold anywhere else and when this inventory is gone, it’s gone for good. Happy Zomming!

Jerry over at Android Central seems to really like it for newer motorola devices with touchless control.

You can check out the review Here!

so where are these shipping from? i ordered last week and got the other item i ordered with it yesterday. but not this. just wanting to make sure it is on its way.

Please be aware that standard shipping usually takes 3-5 business days from the sale.

I would recommend that if you don’t see any updates by Friday, December 20th, to let us know here in the thread.

it came in yesterday. sorry to bother you guys about it. just didnt know if there was a mix up since it didnt come in with the og package and tracking. thanks.

can yall close this case out? they said it might take a week which is why i came here. CAS-538948-M2D8H5