Zone Tech Car Heated Seat Cushion Cover

Zone Tech Car Heated Seat Cushion Cover


Not quite the same. Ours has the safety remotes. The one you linked to does not.

Not sure what that means by safety, but the are both UL rated.

That’s what the people at Zone Tech call them. How about, ours has remotes.

I updated the link above, I guess you didn’t see the description. This is the original link.

I don’t know what to tell you. The one you changed the link to doesn’t have a price. The one you linked to isn’t the same.

I guess buy it here or not. I’m good either way.

Is there something I said?

You post things that don’t match or don’t have a price. Three of us spent probably an hour trying to figure this out.

The first link takes you to the Ebay posting, once in the posting you click on more info that gives you the description page without a price. I was only pointing out they are made by the same company. Maybe the one you are selling is a new model or vise versa.

Same company but different models per that company. They sell one with remotes and one without.

Thanks for the clarification :+1:

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