Zone Tech Foldable Pool for Pets & Kids

Zone Tech Foldable Pool for Pets & Kids

Worked great for my baby ducklings from about 1week to about 3weeks old. Uploading: 11CB40F2-1FB7-445E-9D64-4A32215E51DD.jpeg…

My wife ordered something with this exact picture from somewhere (not woot) and she received something about the size of a dog bowl.

I’ve noticed some sellers on Amazon use pictures from other products or websites instead of taking their own. Maybe that’s what happened with your non-Woot! purchase. Although 38 inches is awfully small, so I see your point! Not much over three feet wide. Your post made me check the specs, so thanks.

One of my dogs could fit even with her arms, head, and legs extended. They are big cocker-size. But both girls at once would be crowded. Darn. I like the shallow depth. That would’ve been easy to clean and refill so mosquitoes wouldn’t breed there.

Woot! Find a similar type pool of at least four feet. Please!

Duggle, Amazon reviewer says actual dimensions as received were 15 inches around and 4 inches deep! Yes, that’s a dog bowl. Which claws will destroy.

After seeing review pics and write ups, I think I will just repurpose my daughter’s old hard plastic dinosaur sandbox.