Zone Tech Laser Garage Parking Guide

Zone Tech Laser Garage Parking Guide

Does this work under water? Can this be mounted on a shark? Asking for a friend.

It will not work underwater.
It will not work on a Eurasian Otter.
It could be mounted on a shark.
It would work well next to a park.
You should get this parking laser.
It might make you a trailblazer.

With sincere apologies to my brain and fingers for having to come up with this rhyme.

It will not work
If it’s submerged.
At least, until
The water’s purged.
And as for mounting
on a shark?
That is, my friend,
no way to park.

(Sorry. Can’t let Froodyfrog have all the fun!)


Now I remember why this product name seems so familiar.

(Somebody offered one of these to me for free.)