ZooGue Leather iPad Case

I stayed late at work for THIS!!! Arghhhhhh!

wish i had an Ipad to put in it.

I love the feeling of seeing a potential boc. even if it doesn’t happen

For all of you iLosers out there.

As an iPad owner, this intrigues me…

This is a really good case. I have one, and paid about $50 bucks for it. I would recommend it and would buy another if I needed one.

“SIKE”? Really?

Dont own one…

Apple = communists

well, that’s real crap!

where the heck is my bluetooth???

Product: 1 ZooGue IPAD-1011 Casem PU Leather iPad Case ZooGue Leather iPad Case

Condition: New

Price:$17.99 $5 shipping

Giant, non-phone iPhone for $18!!

ooh…i want one…not!

for the ipad i don’t have or want.

I’d be more psyche’d if it had an iPad in it…

There’s your bag of crap!

Christmas gift to myself!

Can we add to the filters… Let’s change the “worst woot off ever” comments to “I am a whiny wooter.”