ZooGue Leather iPad Case

ZooGue? That’s their name?

That name again is ZooGue!

Boy they are rolling through them tonight

speaking of Apple love. Get your hipsterism out of my woot!

I bought this on the last Woot Off. It’s a nice case and works much better than my Apple one from before. The price is pretty good too, but the only complaint is the weird smell it has. I guess that’s the smell of ZooGue…nasty!

wouldn’t “sike”
be spelled with a “P”

I have this case. The leather smells of elderberries.

I wish it did portrait stand instead of landscape. It’s to read my books in portrait mode.

Hmm. One more letter and they could have used “psych” instead. Seems like the route I would have gone…

Shouldn’t that be “psych” instead of “sike?”

wyatt8, louiemctool – GMTA.

“I Want One…”
SIKE! No, I don’t.

It’s definitely “PSYCH!”


7" or 9"? Or am I wrong about those things coming in different sizes?
Just wondering.

Everyone must have really wanted to cut the meeting short when they were sitting around a table trying to come up with a name for this thing. I can hear it now… “How about ZooGue?” “PERFECT! … ZooGue it is!”… “Let’s break for lunch!”


How about for traveling - is this sufficiently padded?

I wish there was a shirt.woot-woot off. I would do all my christmas shopping and get a new wardrobe all in one coffee filled day!

Hee. Grammar Nazis unite… :slight_smile:

Got one. Find it useful. But it stinks to high holy hell. Be aware of this!