Zoombang 2-Piece Padded Shoulder Shirt

Oooo. If I wear this under my T-shirts maybe I’ll look buff.

Will this also work for shooting applications?

Shoot whatever you want while wearing it. As long as you don’t shoot yourself, you’ll probably be ok.

They had this last week I think… as a regular sport.woot feature. I thin they were more than $9.99 though?

No, but all the bumps will make it look like you’re hiding a concealed weapon. So you get your jollies from being frisked at airports, this is the shirt for you.

Yeah, if you enjoy being a potential target. The bumps make it look like your hiding a concealed weapon or explosives, which will surely make you a potntial police target…

I’m curious about the same thing…it looks different than the trap shooting shirts I have seen. My concern is that the bumps might obstruct optimal gun butt placement.

I have this and the gel is a gimmick that, in my opinion, won’t protect you as well as dense foam padding. Basically, it’s clay in plastic bubbles. When you punch into the bubbles, the clay has nowhere to go (since it’s constrained sideways by the bubble), so it sort of hardens. Nothing magical about that. But because it hardens, it feels like something hard is impacting your flesh. It doesn’t really absorb the impact as well as dense foam.

This would have been great back in the marching band days! Those percussion instruments got heavy. Some had padded metal supports, but marching snares on a cotton strap could have used some padding. I’d bet a sousaphone player would love one in the stocking as well.

Non-newtonian fluids FTW! Maybe the little bubbles are full of oobleck?

EDIT: This post used to reference ketchup, which is a non-newtonian fluid but is one that doesn’t exhibit the same properties as oobleck.

More like plain old cornstarch and water. Haven’t you messed with that stuff? Mix some up in a small bowl and poink it with a pencil or something.