Zoombang Compression Protective Gear

The shirt looks like a pair of arms giving a friendly hug from behind…

Silly question, perhaps, but will these float? Would someone wearing them have an easier time treading water?

From the thumbnail at the bottom of the screen (when I was on shirt.woot), I though this was the brace that I may spend the next year wearing. I was intrigued by the idea of a cheap refurb - or three, just in case the first two get stinky after 365 days.


What a shock!

A youtube video demo from TeamExpress

This looks like Batman’s underwear.

I wonder how these would work for mountain biking?

It’s actually a Ninja hugging another Ninja from behind.

(You know they don’t show up in photos, right?)

I wonder how well this would work under a ballistic vest? The compression aspect is nice, and my understanding is vest or no vest, getting shot sucks, much like getting hit with a sledgehammer.

/Inquiring minds want to know

Shame the 4 pad isn’t available in mens large :frowning:

Does anyone know if the shoulder one or rib one would be better for basketball?

Only if you’re hoping and praying that their aim is spot on where the protection is.

I’ve been looking for a nice protective compression/protective shirt for the upcoming ski season. If only this has upper body padding it would be awesome considering I tend beat up my uper body more on the rare occasions I do bite the dust hard in the park.

Edit: it’d help to check out the descriptions before I comment. In for one on the upper body one!

Well, which do you worry about more: lowering the shoulder into an opponent/having someone come down on your shoulder, or getting elbowed in the ribs? Personally I’d worry more about my ribs in basketball.

4 piece top sold out already???

Looks like this would be great for dirt bike riding, as well! Vroombang! No, wait, vroombang would not be good…

Look at how cheap they are compared to. MSRP. I was afraid they would all out fast. Thoughts on this for adult Rugby, would it be legal in an adult league beneath the uniform?

Just what I need for Terry Tate when I bring that weak ass sh t up in this humpy bumpy.

We only have that one in 3 sizes. Sorry.

don’t know, but it will stiffen up when a shark bite into you, maybe allowing you to survive an extra 1/2 sec.

Hmmmm…been looking for hip protection before trying out a skateboard. Cheap enough for a start to my get on a deck kit.