Ztech Headphones (Your Choice)

Anyone have experience with these??

I just read through the comments from a march sale of what looks like the same buds. There were issues, but maybe they were all worked out? I’ll probably get a pair, but I’m a sucker.


These are a cheap crappy chinese knockoff, not worth the money at all. Bought 2 pair and threw them away. Sound is terrible and they are huge.

Anyone else notice that the photo they’re using for the “right only” earbuds is a photo of a left earbud? :smiley:

So, don’t suppose these provide stereo sound at this price? I skimmed the specs but did not see a mention of this.

DO NOT BUY!!! Hurts when I’m ear and mine broke the first day I got them. Not a apple earbud replacement.please don’t wast your money please

Only one ear piece worked. Notified Woot, and was issued a refund because the seller didn’t have any more in stock. I don’t recommend this product.

I work in an office and typically only have an earbud in my right ear. So naturally…I ordered a single right ear bud. Now I mostly listen to podcasts…so sound quality isn’t a major factor. But these are not bad for the money. They don’t sound as good as my bluedio headphones. The 30 ft. BT distance is on the low end. I was able to get a bit further. I’ll probably get a couple more so that I can cycle them out. For the money…they are well worth it.

I purchased two pair of these over a week ago; got one pair a couple of days after the indicated shipping date, a week later still haven’t received the second pair…maybe Santa Claus is going to deliver it…

Looks like DHL lost track of it for a bit but it’s moving again today. Sure is taking the slow road though. You might contact them to see if they can speed it up since they lost if for a bit.

Any opinion on the quality of the earbud?

Was there any resolution to these not being able to pair both? I tried following instructions as well as the others comments in the previous thread and no luck whatsoever.

I bought the pair. First impression was that they are larger than I’m used to, but fit and feel fine. Came with two (2) sets of different instructions of which NEITHER were correct. Thanks to Ed Movius on you tube for figuring out how to pair them. Hold the button on each at the same time to turn on and continue holding until only one is alternating blue/red, and then pair with your device. Don’t rush, pairing these isn’t quick and can be frustrating. Sound quality is good. They do have stereo sound. Charging them is also an art. They fit loosely in the case and you need to gently push them into place. Lights on both the case and the 2 earphones will blimk/illuminate when charging.

Bought a pair and threw them out after a week. Pure crap. They don’t stay linked for stereo listening, don’t hold a charge and have pure sound quality. Zero stars.

Please make sure you contact customer service for any product you’re unhappy with. This helps us track issues.

These were terrible. They didn’t hold a charge. The sound was awful (and I’m not at all fussy). A nightmare to pair.

A total waste of money.

I’m very sorry you’re disappointed.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Piece of crap. Wouldn’t even charge or turn on. Total waste of money.

I’m sorry to hear that! Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.