ZTECH Percussion Massage Gun

ZTECH Percussion Massage Gun

oddly, that other deal site that some of you may know have a very similar product for $9 less at this very moment.


Description says 3 speed. The manual they link to says 6 speeds from 1200 to 3200 RPM. What is correct?

Which site?!?!?!?

Can’t find it. Do you mind posting a link?

I don’t know how TT would feel about posting a link to the other site so I won’t do it but I will say the other site have $5 shipping (unless you are a member) and right now their delivery times are delayed. So I’m not sure the price difference is really worth it.

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Meh, if anyone hasn’t told you yet not sure if they will



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Check the 5th & 10th pic. The 5th pic shows the display on 6 and the 10th shows 6 speeds on the graphic in the lower left corner.

so…is this a massager, or a “massager”?

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“Percussion massage” might be like Gallagher taking a sledgehammer to a watermelon.
…but I won’t kink shame.


This deal is… Meh.

Yeah, I wouldn’t want to Irk anyone here by stepping out of line.

They are talking about this over there though as well.


What are the chances that this stops working within 30-60 days after using it? It says limited warranty for 1 year but who is going to honor the warranty?

WOOT SOLD OUT 1ST! THEY win? Sorta? Whatever. WINNERS!

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I would tell you, but…meh :wink:



Vendor confirmed 6 speeds is correct.

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I’ve yet to see a hypervolt clone from China that wasn’t a 6 speed.

Has anyone received their order yet? Mine is MIA and woot support is looking into it even though it shipped 14 days ago.